Monday, October 20, 2014

Mission Homecoming Day

 We had our Sacrament Meeting mission homecoming talks on October 19th in Mesa, AZ.  We gave our talks and then had family and friends to our home for Hawaiian Haystacks (a truly island dish...) and cake and ice cream. 
 Our neighbor made this beautiful and delicious cake for the event.  It included a flag for Micronesia and missionary shirts!  Very beautiful.  The cake was fruity and good.  We served about 35 people at our home, and enjoyed our day.  It is a relief to be done with that stressful event!  Now we can continue to catch up on things here and receive new callings.

We enjoyed our 17 months in Micronesia and Chuuk, specifically.  We hoped we made a difference.  We remember many good friends and acquaintanances and will always remember our good times there.  Now we move on to a new chapter in our lives.  Best wishes to all who continue to serve in Micronesia Guam Mission.