Monday, September 8, 2014

September Elders, Family History Hursts Help Chuuk

 It's always fun to see our Chuukese Elders after we have said goodbye. At the MTC: Elders Kata, Paulis and Amatus with Nick Obray...without the "traditional elder" facial hair look!! Well, he's in school now, so it's okay, I guess.
 Here, former E. Huppe was called in to translate for a day. Elder Masauo joined the group.  How's your English coming, Elders?

 President Tarsisio Walter, from Romanum, helped Gladwin Singeo prepare to leave on his mission A LOT!  We thank him.  He even gave him a job, so the Church didn't have to pay for his passport.  We like to help our young people learn to "help themselves" with mission costs.
 Elders Telona and Vanisi from Wichap came to say goodbye to Elders Vehikite and Ladore.  We are back to 24 elders for a few weeks until transfers.
 The mission Family History couple, the Hursts, came to Chuuk for a few days.  We took the "nice facilities management boat" out to Uman, Paata and Udot. Tonoas was unavailable at the last minute.  Uman had lots of interested people doing their pedigree charts.  Uman folks will be some of our next people to prepare for a temple trip to Manilla Temple!
 As the big people were doing their "geneology paper work", the children had a good hill to slide down sitting on palm tree fronds and having lots of fun.  Uman has 6 nice big water collector barrels provided by the Church, to help the community with their water needs.  Our Church does this around the world to help communities.
The basketball court on the Church grounds is also used by the community.  We help schools and communities around the world to have some basic "necessities" to help where needs are communicated to us.  Lots of great people at Uman.
 We took the boat out 2 days to get with these 3 Church groups for family history.  Here we are at Paata. Some of these people are not members "yet", but they are interested.  Elder Hurst was able to buy a very beautiful shell from one of these "prospective members"!  As we were gathering the group for a pix at the end, this older lady was still intent on helping others finish their charts.  She seemed to have a very good recollection of family members past and present, way beyond her personal family members.
 We went to Udot next.  The Group Leader, our Elders and Pres. Walter, who came over from Romanum, were involved in a wedding and then a baptism, so we were able to find some women and children near our new "tent chapel" to help with family history.  We had a nice group here.  The little girl had a pet "chucka or chucko" (don't know if it was a boy or girl chicken) that we hope will survive the "handling" that day.  I guess that until the baby chicks get used to where their home is, they keep a pretty tight leash on them!
 We were gluttons for punishment, as we took the nice boat out 3 days in a row, because we wanted to see what was happening on Fono, our newest island to be opened.  We hadn't seen Elder Selander's new companion yet (Elder Hokao) and President Wainis was invited to join the investigators for their Sacrament Meeting.  We tagged along, although for the 3rd day out on the water, we put hats on.  We already were very sunburned. We hoped that might show in this picture.  We had a nice group there, and the Elders are planning on at least 8 baptisms for their first month there.  Lots of very nice people on Fono. The first pic shows the "glassy ocean", lovely day for traveling, looking toward where our apartment is on Weno.  Next pix of our "stick" helper guys on our f.m. boat.
 E. Selander acts as the Branch President, for now.  This pix shows their house. Church is held in the "garage". It is a large space, with extra walls of stacked bricks.  Only problem was a Catholic Church nearby that rang their bell every time we were praying...maybe they had a spy somewhere nearby...
 Monday we went to Mechitiw and Sapuk Branches for F.H.  On the way home, these little guys were coming from school.  The white shirts were our contributions to help them get into school, since there are no uniform shirts available at present.  The backpacks were contributions from our Church for many of the students around Chuuk.

Monday evening we had our Sept Zone Mtg.  Elder Plocher is a new Z.L. and did a great job, along with E Rainey.  Two good elders. Crisp's, the A.P.'s from Guam (Elders Petersen and Barrus), and the Hurst's are shown here.

 Elders Jonas and Andrada are on Romanum (training).  Elders Payne and Fermanis are on Uman.  Elders Heim and Simpson are in Nantaku (training). Elders Hokao and Selander on Fono (training).
 Elders Kleven and Siren are serving on Udot.  E Siren is Chuukese--we sent him off a while back!  His Chuukese language knowledge was needed in a hurry, so he was imported from Guam! Elders Vanisi and Telona are serving in Wichap.  Elders Schroath and Garae are in Neuo.  Elders Fabiano and Maughan are serving in Paata (Pokocho)--training.
 Elder Holmes is now training E. Jeffery, out of Nantaku house.  Elders Tafuna and Peck are on Tonoas.  Elders Paulis and Canakiavata are also on Paata--Sopota.  I baked 5 of my eggless wacky cakes for our extra large group of 30 for Zone Meeting.  Had no complaints, hope there were no stomach aches!  The pieces were pretty large.  Sister Hurst brought 2 lg chocolate chip cookies EACH!! from the Truk Stop Hotel. Their food and desserts are good!  This, and j-Max for a drink, was perhaps an overload of sweets. Everyone seemed to get them down okay though...
 E Jonas was leading our songs again.  He does a fine job!  The Mission Hymn is always a joy to hear, with the elders standing for it.
And that's a wrap for this Zone Meeting.  We hear that next week, we are having a Zone Conference!!  Sort of a surprise to everyone.  So, more elders pix next week!  I think our Zone is learning a little more about "EXACT OBEDIENCE"!!  President Zarbock has "Raised the Bar" for our Elders!

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