Thursday, September 25, 2014

Coming to an End in Chuuk!

 On our last week in Chuuk, Elder Crisp was asked to do a teachers meeting inservice at Chuuk High School.  Before he was finished, 37 people attended, with World Teach and regular h.s. Chuukese teachers.  Kalika gave E. Crisp a W.T. bag and card signed by many to say thanks for his help during the summer and 2 school years.
 A few days after the inservice, these World Teach teachers invited us for dinner!  Very kind of them.  We have very much enjoyed getting to know many of the 27 W.T. people.  Seated around the table are:  Maya, Cory, Aaron & Layla, Marybeth, Lita and us!  The W.T. are making a great difference at the schools they work at: high school, Iras, Mwan and Akoyikoyi. 

We "borrowed" a few pictures from President Zarbock's facebook pages from our last meeting with him and our Elders.  Here are E/S Crisp giving final testimonies, our group, and while we were doing "Sacred Role Play" with Elders Kleven and Siren (Chuukese)!

   "We call it "sacred" role play because it is through role play we create "spiritually" those things we want our investigators to learn and understand, before we teach them in their homes.

Just as the earth was created "Spiritually" before it was created temporally, role play, when done in this manner, can be a very powerful tool, and inevitably we feel the Spirit as we practice our teaching.
The Chuuk elders are a wonderful, powerful group of young men the Lord has chosen to bring the gospel to a beautiful people. It is my belief that Chuuk is on the cusp of amazingly spiritual growth. I have the utmost confidence in this group of valiant elders. I love you elders. President Zarbock"

Chuuk Police Station and Jail

We go to the police station when we need a "police clearance" for a departing missionary who needs a visa for somewhere.  We did one for Mfour Mateaus, who is currently serving in California.  Australia has been VERY SLOW at giving him his visa, and now,  9 months after first one, Australia wants another "clearance" on a person who hasn't been here for 6 months, and guaranteeing his good conduct for the next 18 months!!  What government could do that, when a person is not living here, and who knows ANYONE'S future conduct!  Maybe USA should give them one, since he is living there now.... So we got a clearance up to this weeks date...

This mountain is out our back door.  E. Crisp thinks these Koreans or Japanese are doing something "scientific".  As Eakins said, "nothing is very scientific" in Chuuk!  It looked like they were mixing up some cement.  We won't be around to see what they are actually doing.  They are NOT building a house.  The mountain is very steep!
We went to Akoyikoyi School to check in with them, and say "goodbye".  We were greeted with leis (2 for me!!) and cards and a Thank-You certificate from Clark Graham.  He runs a great school at Pedia.  Actually the best elementary one in all of Chuuk.  He has K-3 this year, with 4th to start next year.  In K they learn English and progress from there.  Great place to visit.  E. Crisp helped them get better organized, and they were one of only 3 schools in Chuuk that got accredited this year!  Way to go Clark and helpers.  He trains an administrator each year from his group of teachers.  They teach a year, act as admin. the 2nd year, then go on their way.  It's a great plan.

The leis smell really nice, too.  These girls placed them on us!

We were invited to lunch at the Blue Lagoon by our friends at the education department for Chuuk.  The Director, Gardenia Alik (sitting next to me) put together the luncheon.  Her Deputy Director Noah Ruben sits by E. Crisp. Our high school principal, Paul Hadik sits by Gardenia.  The other ladies help hold everything together!  Paul also helps the district office with accreditation and teaching some at the h.s. Great people!!
Wow, they were generous. In addition to giving us (lunch),  leis, we were given a shell necklace each, Christmas ornaments for the tree, a lovely fan (with embroidery) and this beautiful floor (or wall) mat.  It is made from tree pieces, sort of like palm fronds. Very lovely.

 On our way home, we stopped at the airport to see how we could get the floor mat home, and met up with our 2 "dying" elders: Rainey and Peck.  They completed their missions and were heading home.  We got there just in time to say goodbye, before they headed through the gate.
I posted both, since some look better in one than another pix.  top row: Elders Payne, Schroath (new zone leader),  Crisp, Plocher (z.l.), Simpson, Kleven, Holmes, Jeffrey, Heim & S.Crisp. bottom: Elders Vanisi, Rainey, Peck & Telona.  E.Payne will be heading to Guam to train a new elder in a Chuukese area and E.Telona will be going to Saipan to be a zone leader!  Meanwhile, 7 of our Elders are currently in Guam, being trained to train 7 new elders coming to Chuuk!   With 14 Elders to get plane tickets for, there is a slight delay.  They will be gone 9 days before getting back to begin training.  The elders who will be training are: Garae, Tafuna, Fermanis, Canakiavata (Coach for short), Hokoa, Siren and Paulis.  Vanisi will continue training Jeffery, Simson w/Heim, Jonas w/Andrada and Fabiano w/Maughan.  Busy place...

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