Wednesday, September 17, 2014

7 Seminaries may be going (with pix) & Pres. Zarbock makes an extra visit to Chuuk!!

 We visited our Mechitiw Seminary class one evening (5:30) and they were waiting for a few more to come.  We played some games until 6 p.m. I forgot to get pix of the balloons, since I was playing with them!  They have several non-members attending their classes.  Always lots of children trying to attend, as well!  President Weita has been coming, along with 2 team teachers: Buddy Herry and Memory Weita.  They are having good success so far.
 At Mwan Seminary, they are having their large numbers getting out of the habit of attending.  Sis. Oriko Ewar is diligent as always, and has moved the time later, to 6 a.m.  Lass Newyear and Herselina Walter are the regulars. Her name isn't on the rolls, even though her dad used to be District President!

President Zarbock got the impression Chuuk Zone needed him, and his wise counsel.  He came with Sister Zarbock, and didn't do a zone conference, but rather training meetings.  We weren't invited to all of it, but enjoyed the parts we attended, including lunch!

 We met at the Blue Lagoon Resort, and as always, the grounds are beautiful.  It is probably the nicest location on Weno, for the scenery.  The yard guys have acres to keep trimmed up, with no lawnmowers!  President and Sister Zarbock always give good lessons and counsel to we missionaries.  We have 24 young elders at present, but might get back to 26 next week on transfers, even though we lose 3 to missionary work.  They will go home to pursue their life's preparation for the work force!  The missionary experiences they obtain definitely help them for this preparation, and eternity...
 Our Zone leaders are Elders Rainey (for a few more days) and Elder Plocher.  They do a great job training and taking of business here.  There is a LOT of business to take care of, with so many guys to look after.  We help when we are asked.  We don't want to interfere in their business and callings.
Here are random shots of our missionary force.  I hope the families looking can spot their Elder! 
 President Zarbock has a new name for a necessary part of the training:  Sacred Role Play.  Our Elders are young and inexperienced in life's ways.  "Practicing" teaching the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ can help them know how to teach their "investigators", seeking understanding and knowledge of what we have to bring them.  We know all religions have many "truths", but as President Hinckley said, "we'll take what you have, and give you further light and knowledge" of the gospel message taught by Christ. (not his EXACT words!)
 We had a third opportunity to give our departing testimonies.  Elders Peck, Selander and Rainey leave next week.  We leave a few days later.  These are good young men we work with!  We have enjoyed our time helping whenever and wherever we are asked.  We hope we have made a difference.  We see small steps coming from some of the work we have done here.  We will be replaced by another couple soon, and hope they will continue a BLOG!  We hear from families thanking us for helping them to know how their missionaries are doing.  And, just seeing pictures, etc.
Near the end of our meeting, Elders Fabiano, Kleven, Peck, Selander and Jonas sang a song for us. They did an excellent job.  Of course, we always end with our Mission Hymn--a fun song to sing in Chuukese.

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