Sunday, August 3, 2014

August Zone Mtg & E.Crisp helps the Chuukese Educators

 Our August Zone Meeting took place on Sunday.  Between United Airlines and the Chuukese at the airlines (or somewhere)  they like to overbook flights.  So, our Zone Leaders were bumped off the flight to Guam to get their monthly training.  So, they came up with different, and all good training on Sunday evening.  Good plan...after getting some groceries on Monday morning, the Elders can get back to their most important work of sharing the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ with any and all who will listen!  Top left is Elders Kleven and Telona on Udot.  Then, the Crisp's.  Next clockwise are our Zone Leaders: Elders Selander and Rainey.  They will both be leaving soon.  Next are very nice young men in Nantaku: Elders Payne and Simpson!  Nice neighbors to us!
 Elder Jonas' trainee from the Philippines didn't get a visa in time, and had to go to Guam to serve, so Elder C was sent to Romanum.  Next Wichap: Vanisi and Roque.  With loosing that Elder and E Obray--zone leader gone home, we are down to 22 young Elders until next transfer.  So, Paata now has Elders Paulis and McEwan. (DL)Paata is a tough place, and E McEwan has done a good job out there!   Next, Elders Peck (DL) and Tafuna on Tonoas.  Elder Peck was the best Chuukese language translator from our whole group working on our Seminary and Institute packet!  He did great proofreading, and our Chuukese neighbor declared his translation the best when we asked for a little help!  Elder Peck returns home soon, as well.  He has been a very good missionary!
 For some "strange" reason, the district where we live has been doing lots of splits!  Elders Fabiano and Plocher (top left) are not really companions as are Elders Ladore and Vehikite (bottom left) not companions, but they are paired up a lot... (T.R.) Elders Garae and Schroath are in Neauo, and Elders Holmes and Fermanis are on Uman.
 At the end of our meeting, Elder Crisp talked about the "Survival Bags" that Sister McClellan put together for each companionship throughout the Mission.  There is no food to "ravish" (as our Elders would do...), but very handy things to have on hand when a major disaster/storm comes this way.  She has gone home now, and we have a new nurse and his wife, which we have been told nothing about!
The Elders were each given a loaf of banana coconut bread for a snack.  They have no trouble eating it all by themself.  (See pix at end of blog post)  I made 4 lg batches to get enough of the right size and shape...
This group of people are pioneers here in Chuuk!  They are the new teachers and principals hired to take over for people that retired or just weren't getting the job done!  Elder Crisp has been a part of the educational reform movement and did some of the training.  He trained them on good teaching practices, accountability, teacher evaluation, lesson planning, long term planning, and things to do on the first day of school to help you get off on the right foot!  We will monitor the group and see the changes that come out of our efforts.

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