Friday, August 15, 2014

5 New Elders, E.C. Baptizes, Inservicing for new school year

 A new school year has arrived!  E & S Crisp helped out the registration process at Chuuk High School.  On August 6th, there were around 1200 students all crowding around one of these tents!  We helped the 11th graders to find their schedule and pay their $10 fee.  They will be using computers and various other commodities, and this is a very nominal fee to charge them!  It didn't seem like the best plan, but in the past, much of the "fees" were not turned in to the office after registration, so this is what they do.  We had picked up some backpacks, 3-subj notebooks, pencils, etc. to fill a bunch for our LDS kids we could find on campus.  We had a few for some of our elementary kids at Mechitiw, as well.  Paul was the Principal last year, and continues to do whatever he can to advance education in Chuuk.  He trained Jason to take his place, but since neither have received a contract (or respectable one) yet, maybe the school will run itself...
 This green spot on the way to Sapuk is the nicest area on the island.  I think it reminds E. Crisp of the game of golf he loves to play!  Large or small areas all get weed-eatered, no lawn-mowering!  Most areas have hidden "stuff" that would certainly wreck a mower in a hurry, so we see people using the weed-eater everywhere.  Big, long job.  Very often the men put on long skirts to protect their legs...
Elder Plocher is one thoughtful Elder!  We haven't had an opportunity to actually teach missionary lessons to anyone, so he had E. Crisp baptize this gentleman out at Sapuk.  They waded into the ocean, and around a big mangrove area to get deep enough water, so this is all the pix I got!  Elder Ladore was the companion.
 This was transfer week.  Elder Plocher is now a Zone Leader along with Elder Rainey!  Elder Selander stepped down to train this one last transfer before heading home.  He is getting a new companion on Sunday night, and will be opening our little island of Fono, on our side of things.  They will be part of the Tonoas-Uman District. (top left) Elder Ladore will be training Elder Heim in Sapuk.  (below) Elder Fabiano will be training Elder Maughan in Sopata, Paata.  Elder Vehikite will train Elder Jeffery in Mechitiw.  And, Sunday night, Elder Andrada will return from Guam and Elder Jonas will continue his training!  Whew, we are up to 26 young elders now, plus us "old guys".  On Wednesday and Thursday these Elders spent a few hours at our apt. skyping and on speaker phone for their training to be trainers!  Not to mention the Elders in our "waiting room" just hanging out with us.  The internet at Mwan Bldg isn't working--what a surprise!  This is the first time that the Elders weren't flown in to Guam.  A disappointment to the guys, but a big savings for the Church!
 T.L.: Bill Davis and Koji Kodama came from Guam and Tokyo and went to Akoyikoyi School, the High School and the District School Office to discuss needs of Chuuk for computers and other items that might be forthcoming to help out the schools.  Our Humanitarian arm of the Church has given much assistance here and elsewhere, to help these "developing nations".  The help is greatly appreciated.  The next pictures above and below are some of the groups that Elder Crisp has inserviced the past 2 weeks, helping the elementary schools get ready to start their new year.  Some schools were sadly lacking attendance of their teachers.  They had excuses.... who really knows.  We help as we can, and are wanted.  He trained at Akoyikoyi, Mechitiw, Neauo, Sapuk and Penia some more than once.  He has a very busy time of it.

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