Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Seminary & Institute Graduates and Certificates

 Brandy Henry on right has left for his mission to Long Beach, CA!  He received a cert. for attending Institute classes this year, and he was able to give a talk in Sac. Mtg. just before he left.  He will do great in California!     JT (Ande) Nonumwar, from Sapuk, received a certificate for reading his scriptures!  He heads out to Johannesburg, South Africa in August.  Our Sapuk elders have said that he reads The Book of Mormon regularly in the evenings at the church building.  His father is Branch President, and he has 2 sisters currently on missions.  He reads the B of M in English!!  3X longer than the Chuukese edition!  He came to our Chuuk High School seminary class twice, and even brought friends, but he had clubs after school, and band practice, etc. that kept him from regular attendance.  We were proud to know that one S&I student was a regular reader of the scriptures.  (We haven't found any others, so far)  We rewarded him with 2 pr of missionary shoes, which we obtained from Ebay!  He is a good kid!

This past Sunday we had our S&I "Graduation Service" during church!  The other Branches didn't do much during the year, even when we tried to teach them at the high school.  We have decided that they need their own Branch members to teach them, in their own language, to actually learn and progress.  So, we didn't invite other Branches in from their various locations, when the leaders wouldn't keep our program going.  We will try again in August to get all 10 Branches organized with each a Seminary and an Institute teacher, give them their supplies for teaching, and some instruction as to how to teach Church History without a D & C in Chuukese.  We are busy writing curriculum to go along with  this manual you see here.
President Newyear conducted Sacrament Meeting.  We had talks by Oriko Ewar, the Mwan Seminary teacher, Lass Newyear and Elder Crisp talking about our program.

And....everyone, at least, got a certificate for participation.  We had Norris from Tonoas who will get a 3 year certificate, although he didn't participate this year, and will be a senior next year. Maybe he will graduate seminary with 4 years.  Otherwise, 3 young people are "declared" graduates.  It shouldn't be written in stone!  I know they didn't attend near 80%.  So, there you have another year of S & I for Chuuk.  We are trying to motivate our Branch Presidents to do youth programs. They have trouble getting anyone to serve in their Branches, besides our sweet elders!!

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