Thursday, June 5, 2014

Last Zone Meeting with the Mechams!

 Sister Mecham started off our meeting while President Mecham interviewed our latest missionary candidate--Gladwin from Romanum.  (He passed!)  It's too bad most of these young men have tatoos, that have to be filmed and scrutinized!  Sister Mecham talked about the 3 ingredients needed for a fire, and related that to building our testimonies.  We need the desire, the spirit, and study to have a testimony, just as you need heat, fuel, and oxygen to make fire. We have enjoyed all the messages given by our President and Wife.  This was their last Chuuk Zone Meeting.  We will have a new Mission President at the end of this month.

 President Mecham must be a good lawyer!  He always gives good messages. He was trying to draw out from our Elders their successes, concerns, illnesses, etc.  They aren't very forthcoming!  He told us to "Do your best, Be your best, and Heavenly Father will do the rest!"  He also spoke of D & C section 50:22  where the teacher and the receiver are both edified by the spirit.  He spoke of his mission as a youngster and his time here in Micronesia stating that " the spiritual imprint of our mission will be with us forever, as long as we do not forget the Lord"!

 Our Zone Leaders did their talking in a Zone Meeting earlier in the day before P. Mecham arrived.  They have done a good job here in Chuuk.  They would tell you that nothing is easy about Chuuk!  Elder Selander (left) and Elder Obray, who will be finishing his mission in 2-3 weeks.  He has been valiant and diligent.

 Elders Peck (District Leader) and Roque, serving in Wichap.
Elders Plocher (District Leader) and Tafuna serving in Tonoas.
Elders McEwan (District Leader) and Canakiavata serving in Sopota, Paata.

 Elders Ladore and Rainey (District Leader) serving in Sapuk.

Elders Mackie and Jonas serving in Romanum.  The Elders were all eating these "apples" that grow here.  They are hollow, and taste okay. I'm sure locals like them a lot!  They must give some of the nutrition that is needed here.
Elder Kleven is training Elder Paulis, from Pohnpei.  E. P. is half Chuukese, and his mother had taught him some of the language as he was growing up. He also is doing well in English, since they speak it in school a lot there.  And, of course he speaks Pohnpein...
These Elders are at Pokocho, Paata.
 Elder Vanisi has been on Uman for a long while.  He has trained several new elders, including Elder Holmes, here.  They do good work on Uman.
Elder Fabiano just relocated from Paata to Mechitiw, with Elder Vehikite.  E. V. has been serving in the Mechitiw Branch for some while now!  He had been very fond of Romanum previously!  Shall we ask him how he compares the 2 areas?
 Elder Payne just moved in from Wichap (where our "mountain men" are) and now serves in Nantaku with Elder Simpson.  They are getting along great as new companions.  They are helping us with some of our work, as well:  trying to round up one of our "called" stray prospective missionaries, and translating some curriculum for the next year of S & I where Church History/D & C will be taught. All we have in Chuukese are
the Church History story books, which we are implementing for our use.  Several more elders are helping us translate as well.  Most of our Seminary and Institute "would-be" teachers don't read much English.

Here are Elders Schroath and Telona. They serve on Udot, and are a happy lot.
 Elders Fermanis and Garae are serving in Neuo.  That is where President Wainis (District President) lives.  Elder Fermanis will probably have a large family at some point, if he marries a willing wife. He loves children wherever he serves.
We finished off with 14 medium sized pizzas and chocolate chip cookies.  I had used 1/4 c dough per cookie, and apparently I need to bump it up next time!  Some elders thought they needed 2 of them!  The pizzas from Leiside were good.  Elder Crisp said mine were better that I made last Saturday for the Institute group's picnic.  I had made "Boboli" type crust first, then baked again. Pineapple, seasoned sausage and ham...not bad.

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