Thursday, May 29, 2014

Seminary End-of-Year, Tarmy goes back to MGM mission & Keitani Graham Commemorative Stamps

 This is evidence of 3 pizzas from Truk Stop for our closing social for Mwan Seminary.  Unfortuneately, I missed the fun and games while waiting for said pizzas, so there are no pictures of that.  I understand Elder Crisp had as much fun as the kids, playing bowling, "round the table" ping pong, relays with ping pong balls, blowing it off the table, etc.  Then for pizza, ice cream and chocolate cake.  It was a good event.
 Our girls are generally more diligent in attendance than the guys. They like to sleep in past 5:00 a.m.!  These are great kids.
 We invited the Zone Leaders in for dessert.  They had substituted in Seminary a few times.  As it happened, it was Elder Obray's birthday, so he got his cake and ice cream right on schedule.  (He didn't even mention it at the time.)  Elder Selander, on left, is his diligent companion!  These men are getting to be "short timers".

Tarmy Kosam had about a month off her MGM mission to visit her mother.  She is now heading "back" and is assigned to Pohnpei.  Her mother will be going to Saipan to stay with family members there, while Tarmy completes her mission.
 Keitani Graham is the son of our good friend Clark Graham, who runs Akoyikoyi (Charter) School.  Keitani passed away unexpectedly shortly before we arrived here, apparently of a heart attack.  He represented Micronesia in the Olympics in wrestling.  3 stamps were produced in his memory and honor, and we were invited to this unveiling of the stamps.  Keitani worked a lot with the youth to help them in athletic pursuits.  He was kind and generous with his time.
This is Clark speaking.  He has been in Micronesia since he came as a Peace Corps volunteer back in the '60's.  He has been a teacher, run a dive shop amongst his other varied activities.  He heads up Ship-Hoops and is responsible for the start and running of Akoyikoyi School.  Here he speaks of his son Keitani and the works that he did.  His goal was to get the children of Chuuk involved in activities so that they wouldn't just be hanging around.  He wanted the children of Chuuk to lead active, productive lives.  Following Clark's remarks, he had a video of Keitani in various interviews, wrestling matches, etc. hi-lighting his ideals and goals.  There were interviews with several students at a private school in Hawaii that sang his praises and thanked him for guiding their paths!
 This display is of the 3 commemorative stamps that  were produced for the honor of Micronesia.
This lady spoke a couple of times, and is the Postmaster General of Micronesia.  All Micronesians are very proud when the world can hear of something good happening here.  They have a lot of pride in their heritage.

This is Gladwin from Romanum.  He has been into Weno at least 7 times to complete his medical and dental exams.  I used a white wall at the Family Health clinic to get his missionary picture.  He doesn't sport long hair and mustache like most young men, so we loaned him the shirt and tie while we were waiting.  The clinic lost his first tests, so he had to go through it again. It has been very tedious, but I think he will soon be ready to put in his mission papers!  He is a good young man.  He lives with the Branch President for now, since his family are not members, and he doesn't want to be around drinking, smoking, etc.  It will be interesting to see where he goes for his mission!  He hasn't been able yet to find his mayor to get his birth certificate application signed, so we wait to move on with more things in preparation.

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