Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Skyping, Baptisms, etc......

 Mother's Day was 3 days long!  Lucky for us, a pkg from home arrived on Saturday, and was given to us on our Mother's day!  Thanks! Tiffany knows what we like!  We helped our 24 Elders Skype or call their families back home Sunday, Monday & later in blog...
 We had 2 baptisms at Mwan last Saturday. A very small 8 year old girl shown here with her family, and a boy a little bigger and a bit older. I didn't get their names.  Our AP's were in town and got to partake of the event.  In fact, Elder Johnson was such a familiar sight to President Newyear, that he was asked to give a talk during the changing and re-dressing time.  I think it was quite good. Everyone but us understood it!  His companion, Elder Ashcroft learned a few things about being a missionary in Chuuk, that I am sure he didn't know before!  We think we have it a "little" rough here (or maybe a lot rough!)  Communication with members, Branch leaders and our missionaries can be very tough, just getting through.  Then there is the matter of the roads...we have mentioned that before!  Elders Obray and Simpson did the baptizing.
 Sister Tarmy Kosam left a few months back for her mission.  She lost her passport in Utah, and was serving around Provo and Vernal, while trying to get another passport.  The booklets for them are very delayed.  Then her mother got hospitalized, and really needed Tarmy. She got a temporary passport and came in for a short visit.  She will go to Guam next week in time for the transfers and get assigned a new companion, and get back to her missionary labors.  She is a very sweet young lady.
 This taxi is more colorful than the average!  We followed them for a while, and they love their picture taken.  Most taxis are small cars that hold 3-4 people besides the driver.  The fare is $1 to most destinations!  Not a bad deal, but the roads are still as bumpy, no matter what kind of vehicle you are in!
 Tarson Amatus is learning English a little at a time.  He needs to learn English a bit better before his mission to Fiji, because then he will have a whole new language to learn!  At least when he is finished with his mission, he will know 3 languages!  He doesn't really read or write Chuukese, so we are helping him with our alphabet, which is a little longer!  He is a nice young man, and will leave in August.
 All right, parents, here are your sons!  Sunday afternoon until Tuesday just after noon, was spent helping our elders skype or call their families.  We have a very special locked closet that has a very special phone that can call anywhere!  We have some elders without computers at home, so they get to call on our special phone!  Top left and clockwise is:  Elders Fermanis (New Zealand), Roque Philippines), Garae (Vanautu), and Simpson (Canada).  They all appreciate time to visit with their families--2 times per year.
 Top left, clockwise:  Elders Payne (New Mexico), Jonas (Utah), Mackie (California), and Canakiavata (Fiji).
 Top left, clockwise:  Elders Schroath (Idaho), Fabiano (Arizona), Holmes (Arizona), and Obray (Utah).  I'm sure someone will tell me if I have these wrong!
 Elders: Plocher (California), Telona (Hawaii), McEwan (Utah), and Kleven (Utah).
Top left:  Elders Selander (Montana),  Ladore (Pohnpei), Peck (Oregon), and Rainey (Tennessee).
Elders Vehikite (Utah), Tafuna (California), Hunter (Utah) and Vanisi (Tonga).  A great group of missionaries.  We look forward to our 51 baptisms this month!!  Don't let us down, Elders!

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