Saturday, April 26, 2014

Seminary Scripture Chase, Family History @ Mechitiw, Prosthetics coming to Chuuk, and 3 New Mission Calls!!

Our one good Seminary group asked us to do an activity with Scripture Mastery.  We had a good game of it, with some our local Elders assisting, since it was Monday afternoon, their P-day.  Elder Selander helped his team to win!  They all got the same prize, from both teams, but they had a lot of fun doing it.  Top right, Lass Newyear is giving a nice spiritual thought at the beginning of the meeting.  Oriko Ewar is our favorite (and only valiant) teacher of Seminary!  We always encourage our other Branches to get going with their youth, but are waiting for results of our training and encouragement.
 We had a good turnout, and gave away 22 candy bags.
 We visited Mechitiw Branch on a Sunday and used Sunday School time to give a lesson about how important remembering our loved ones are, and recording the information about them, so that they will be able to have the same opportunity we all have to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ and prepare for Eternal Life with our Heavenly Father.  Our deceased family members will all have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and accept or reject it, even though the opportunity wasn't presented to them while living on this earth.
These 2 very nice young men (Dave and John--from Utah) were in town this past week.  We met up with them at the hospital first, where they have been arranging a humanitarian project for having prosthetics made for all the people who have had removal of legs and/or feet due to effects of diabetes.  We took them to Sapuk for church on Sunday and they wanted a picture to remind them of the rough roads they have been on all around Weno.  This grader actually was working one day in front of our apartment.  The job didn't last long, after the rains started up again.

Emerson Kata will be heading to Adelaide, Australia, in August!  Behind Emerson on the right you can see Nuno Kata. He was our chord organ player today, all by ear!  There are several very talented men out in Sapuk who do this playing by ear!  I think his mission will benefit from his talents in the music field.
JT Ande Nomunwar will be going to Johannesburg South Africa Mission, in August.  For a few minutes, he was hoping to trade off with Nuno!  I'm sure the Lord knows who he will find in S. Africa to come unto Christ.                                                                        This group of men are discussing all the new calls in great anticipation.            
Nuno Kata seems pretty excited to be going to Brisbane Australia Mission!  We have 2 other Chuuk elders heading there very soon. Nuno has to wait until August.  Meanwhile, we have to help get Nuno and Emerson to Pohnpei for "real" physical exams!  Chuuk medical exams are not accepted by Australia!
Notice the earring... the mustaches, earrings, etc. are the last to go, when they are ready to go!

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