Friday, April 18, 2014

April Zone Conference, Family History, Sapuk

Top back left:  Elders Garae, Payne, Ladore, Simpson, Schroath, Telona, Selander, McEwan, Tefuna, Holmes.  Next row, left:  Sister Crisp, Elders Crisp, Mackie, Jonas, Fabiano, Obray, Plocher, Vanisi, Kleven, Fermanis, President Mecham.  Lower:  Elders Peck, Vehikite, Hunter, Rainey, Roque, Canakiavata.

Elder Crisp is NOT asleep. P. Mecham got a blink!  S. Crisp is concentrating very hard... Elders Peck and Payne are next to us.  The Zone Leaders are expounding their wealth of knowledge!
With the last transfers a few days ago, we received 3 new elders:  left with E Fermanis in Neauo: Elder Garae, from Vanatua, near Fiji.  Top, with E Vanisi on Uman: Elder Holmes, from Gilbert, AZ!! (near us!).  Bottom, with E Plocher on Tonoas:  Elder Tafuna, from Orange, Ca, just down the road from Elder Plocher!  They are getting well adjusted, and were in good form for our Zone Conference yesterday.
Last Sunday we visited Sapuk Branch to get details for our 3 "soon to be Elders" passports.  President "Ande" Nomanwar is front left, on the stand.  His very talented son, on the right, plays our songs on a chord organ, by ear.  I don't know if he reads any music at all.  He has a brother that can do the same, and we heard JT Ande picking out some tunes before the meetings. He will soon be a missionary.Top left, the District RS Pres. is giving a talk. Bottom left, Nuno Kata is giving a talk (soon to be missionary), and right, Osimichy Kata is speaking. He recently arrived home from the Micronesia Guam Mission.  He is attending College of Micronesia, and hopes to get into BYU Hawaii soon.
 This is the newest member of Sapuk Branch with his parents and brother.  This is another of President Ande's sons.  P. Ande has 2 daughters currently serving missions: MGM and Phillippines.

This week, our Mission Family History Consultants came to visit and help members and Branch Presidents learn more about getting their ancestors and themselves preserved for history.  This is a group mostly from Sapuk.
Below, is Elder Hurst (back row, tallest) and Sister Hurst (front row, 2nd from left) along with several District members who came and participated.

 These men are mostly Branch Presidents.  They are good men, and we hope that several of our B.P.'s will be in a group going to the Philippine Temple later in the year. Our next group, in June, is all Tonoas members, including their B.P.
These ladies participated as well.  The 2 ladies on bottom right are B.P. wives from Uman and Tonoas: Sister Billy and Sister Walter.
Friday we had our quarterly ZONE CONFERENCE with President Mecham.  Our Zone Leaders: Elders Selander and Obray conducted.  We had a good, and inspiring meeting. Since E. Obray will be "dying" in June!!, he bore his testimony to the zone.  Elder Plocher was dressed like him, and wanted to get them together on our blog!  They are good friends!

Elder Jonas led our opening song: Battle Hymn of the Republic.  It is so moving to sing with all these men, and enjoy their good voices and harmony!  I appreciate it more, as I love to sing, without being able to carry a tune...
From left, we have Elders Fermanis, Garae (Neauo), Holmes, Vanisi (Uman), Canakiavata, Vehikite (Mechitiw),  Hunter, Rainey (Sapuk), Schroath, Telona (Udot), (sorry, the windows in the background don't help make good pictures!) and Mackie + Jonas (Romanum).

 Here we have Elders Crisp, Peck, Payne (Wichap), Ladore, McEwan (Sopota, Paata), Roque, Simpson (Nantaku), Kleven, Fabiano (Pokocho, Paata),  Plocher and Tafuna (Tonoas). By the way: place names are spelled in different ways, depending on who is writing it, including maps!)
Lunch came from Truk Stop. It was a piece of chicken and tuna, along with rice, boiled banana, tapioca.  E. Crisp doesn't like their cooked fruits, so enjoyed the homemade "Oreo" cookies we made for dessert!  Sister McEwan, missionary mom, sent us cake mixes, canned icings and shortening to make them!  (Thanks again!!) It was a new, but great recipe!  The missionaries LOVED them!  So easy too, using devils food cake mix, 2 eggs, and 3/4 c shortening OR 1/3 c oil. I tried both ways, and they work!  I made balls and pressed them with a glass before baking.  Recipes online!  When we get the group picture taken outside, we will add it to this blog.
Our meeting was great!  President Mecham and our Z.l.'s always have the right message for Chuuk Zone.

President Mecham spoke of the 82 references of "Remember" and 19 of "Remembrance" in the Book of Mormon.  We are constantly reminded to remember as Humans tend to "drift".  He gave the example of Moses being gone on the Mount for 40 days, comes back and the people already have an idol!  He spoke of the great power in obedience.  There was mention of D&C 104 where it speaks of a multiplicity of blessings for obedience, not just one for one.   Will we obey the mission rules (he went over quite a few) and "Go and Do" , not moan and question??!

Both the Zone Leaders and President Mecham spoke of desire and putting off the natural man.  If you Believe it, you can Achieve it!  You must believe, desire and then act!  They also mentioned that doubt and fear are opposed to Faith!

These messages hit home and it helps keep things in focus so the work can continue here in the MGM!

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