Thursday, March 13, 2014

Remembering Elder Toa

E Toa, bottom pic, right, is from Thanksgiving Dinner.  We had a lovely day: football, dinner, and lounging!  Elder Toa enjoyed the activities and was always active in athletics.
 E.Toa, top pic, on the left, seated by Sister Crisp.
 Bottom row, near center at a Zone Conference, with President and Sister Mecham.
 E Toa, top pic, bottom row.

 E Toa, second from right, at February Zone Conference, doing role plays.
 Our whole group from February Zone Conference at Blue Lagoon Resort. E. Toa is top, center.
 E. Toa, bottom center (our district) being trained by our District Leader, E. Bowers.
 February Zone Meeting, with his trainee.  Elder Toa nearly always had a big smile!
 E. Toa, top right picture in their role plays.
E Toa, left picture, with his trainee companion,  E Canakiavata. Elder C. is from Fiji, and his name is harder to pronounce than you might think, so I call him Elder C.

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  1. We are so sorry for the loss of Elder Toa. What a tragedy for his parents and the mission. I'm sure many heartaches and challenges came your way. We love you.