Monday, March 24, 2014


This past Saturday, President and Sister Mecham were available to interview 4 young men that we have been working with for their missions.  Left top, Tarson Amatus (known as Ichok Fiti!) is with his Branch President Weita.  Right pics are Nuno Katta and JT Ande finishing up their paperwork with Elder Crisp. Bottom left, Emerson Kata, with P. Mecham.  All three, good young men.  JT is the only one who admits to reading his scriptures regularly.  Our Sapuk elders tell us he has started the Book of Mormon (in English) for the second time!  He is the Branch President's son, and has 2 sisters currently serving missions.
This Saturday we witnessed 2 baptisms at Mwan. Here, Nuno Kata is babtizing his brother, Famous.  Nuno will soon be a full time missionary. He is a senior in HS.  The young lady is from Mwan Branch and was baptized by E. Selander.  The font was filled with about 1 foot of water, but I guess the tanks were low and so we moved the baptisms to the ocean adjacent to our building.
Our Elder Vanisi is quite a character!  He has stress fractures on his feet, got one of them casted locally, and was then sent to Guam to check things out.  His companion, Elder Monson, is temporarily companion to a Zone Leader, E. Selander.
This Sunday we made a trip to Romanum, with President Wainis.  Meetings went quite well.  Top left: District Councilor Sarimino Walter, Pres Wainis and Branch Pres Tarsisio Walter (brother!)
Brandy Henri gave a talk, as well as Sarimino and Pres Wainis.  During combination Priesthood/RS, Elder Crisp gave a short plea/message about how everyone in the Church needs to help his Branch President in whatever ways he is asked.  The members won't grow in their testimonies if they don't serve others and study the gospel.
Two weeks previous, we attended church in Uman.  President Billy had a good program planned, and didn't know we were coming.  He has 4 young men (we are currently helping with mission papers) and 3 young women who haven't started yet, who all want to be missionaries.  The biggest problem is the cost of the boats to make the trip to Mwan/Weno to do their physicals and dental work.  It is expensive, and these young people usually have no money to help out with costs.
 A large donation of backpacks was given to the students at Wichap.  Here, P.Wainis, E.Crisp, Sarimino, Elders Monson, Peck, Selander & Payne assisted, plus Pres Naka from Tonoas (front row). Red shirt in back row is Nefi Masauo also from Tonoas, who has his mission call to Brisbane, Australia, and has already made 2 trips in to Weno to work on his extensive packet that Australia demands to get visa, etc.  He will leave in July.
Here are students receiving the backpacks, and greatly appreciating them, along with their teacher and our crew.
Below is zone leader Elder Selander w/Elders Peck and Payne, who serve in Wichap.
President & S.Mecham came on Friday to visit with the Chuuk Zone, to make sure our elders are getting along and moving forward since the death of E Toa.  We met for 5 hours, had a good, uplifting visit and everyone bore their testimony. It was very nice to hear from everyone!  Some are shy, and wouldn't usually volunteer to pray or speak in a group.  Our spirits were lifted by our good President.  Our meeting room took a long while to cool down, so most of our time was spent outside.  It was a pleasant day, and a good lunch!  Blue Lagoon Resort has pretty good offerings.
Above: Elders Roque, McEwan, Canakaivata, Vehikite, Ladore.  Rt., E/S Crisp
Bottom left and around: Elders Selander, Obray, Jonas, Allen, Plocher, Kleven, Fermanis, Simpson, Peck & Payne. Back left: Elders Canakaivata, Vehikite, Ladore.
 Pres & Sister Mecham with Elders: Telona, Schroath, Fabiano, Rainey, Hunter, Monson, enjoying a good meal with 3 meats! Pork chop, chicken and tuna, always with rice, breadfruit boiled and not pounded and cooked over a campfire (yuk!), and vegetables. I guess it's called KON, but we don't care for it!
 Elders Roque, Vehikite, Fermanis (doesn't look at the camera very often!) and Simpson. Nice young men all!
 Elders Hunter, Rainey, Mackie, Fabiano, Obray and Selander.
 Elders Telona, Schroath, McEwan, Jonas, Ladore and Allen, who will soon be leaving us to return with HIGH HONORS!  He has served as our Zone leader, Assistant to the President, and District Leader more than once. He is on Paata, doing a great job for a little longer.  He has helped Elder Ladore with English and Chuukese. Elder Ladore is from Pohnpei, he didn't complete much schooling, and is a farmer back home.  He is a shy, very nice young man!

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