Monday, March 31, 2014

End of March Madness--Whew!

 These are baptismal clothes from the weekend. Turned out to be 3 large loads of very dirty items.  The elders sometimes clean and dry the items they use, and sometimes they are left in heaps, wet, and only get looking worse than ever.
We missed seeing any of these baptisms on Saturday because the Relief Society Birthday party kept going, and going!  Games, food, etc.!
For March, Chuuk Zone had about 20 baptisms, a little under our goal.  March was a trying month for all of us here, and our beloved Mission President!  I think we will get going strong in April and surpass our goal.
 We brought 4 computers with us to Chuuk.  We inherited an older family history one from Guam, as well.  A lot of our work here needs computers and a printer.  The 3 pc's got viruses.  We had the slowest (on earth!) internet, and was having trouble keeping everything up to date.  I guess that is what caused issues.  We got them fixed and got a new macbook as well.  Apples seem to get along a bit better around here.  Yesterday we were sure we would be buying a new printer, as well. Turned out, 3 ink colors were low, and it wouldn't give us any indication of the problem!
 This is a sign in our apartment.   Micronesia Guam Mission President Michael Dowdle and his wife served  as president just before our current President and Sister Mecham.  It says that Elder Dallin Oakes told them they look for the strongest, most independent, etc. missionaries to send here!  Yep, we are tough... we take cold showers and sleep without a/c.  Our bedroom is sometimes 90 degrees as we go to bed with a fan on high!  Tough, and frugal... we have 2 electric bills to pay, and cash power in Chuuk is 4X more $ per kw hour than home.
Our shoes go through mud and water regularly.  We wear mostly Crocs. They are washable.
This represents a day of baking.  We had a LOT of frozen bananas and coconut meat in our small freezer.  No one turns us down when we offer them a loaf, so we are "warming hearts"!
 This is a breadfruit.  We have been looking (in vain) for a smooth skinned one to make some "french fried" breadfruit.  We haven't found the other kind, so we spent $1 and tried this out.  We don't like the pounded, cooked over a campfire kind that they sell all around here.
 There were hard, big, black seeds hiding throughout.  They could break your teeth if you bit in to one unexpectedly.  Elder Crisp got tired of fighting the core and the seeds, and prepared only 1/4 of it into fries, which were great!
I boiled the rest, and it is edible, and not bad with some butter and salt/pepper.
 The fries were good, just not enough of them for 2 people...
Saturday night we invited the Zone Leaders over for my "almost famous" chicken pot pie!  The ZL's have been doing splits because of various problems around here, so we fed 6 elders and 1 sister.  Elder Vanisi just got back from Guam, and is back to work on Uman.  He had some medical issues because of rhumatic fever as a child.
All right, Elders, lets get back to record setting in Chuuk!
Seated, from left around the table is: Elders Crisp, Selander, Obray, Canakaivata, Fermanis and Simpson.  Elder Simpson soon went out to Uman with Elder Vanisi until transfers next week...


  1. Thank you so much for posting. These Elders look happy and healthy and with not always getting to hear from them, it does a mom's heart good to know they're well. Elder Obray, for one, loves Chicken Pot Pie. I'm sure they all did. And we are sure that the heartiest of missionaries serve in Chuuk. Thank goodness for positive attitudes and each others' support.
    Love, The Obray's

  2. This is Sister Toa. I'm sorry we haven't come on earlier than today. We wanted to thank you and the Elders and all the people of Chuuk for all the love we have felt since Miller's passing. He loved serving the people there in the islands. Thank you for everything. I loved reading your weekly posts. When we would not hear from Miller in 1,2,sometimes 3 weeks, your blog was the first point of reference....looking for news on how the week was, seeing if we can see a new picture of our son, calming my nerves when I would see his face. Through this new experience of his passing we have come to love our missionaries even more. We have meet so many new friends since his passing. We have loved meeting some of the elder's parents that were able to come to Miller's services We have loved receiving the wood carvings and skirts. My 16yr old son saw a skirt in Miller's belongings the other day when we unpacked the boxes, and said "he wore a skirt?" I said, "hey just like you (Albert) love to wear a lava lava, Miller would wear a skirt, same thing". We will miss our son so much, but Heavenly Father needed him more. We know that if we are being asked to hasten the work, imagine all those on the other side of the veil needing to be taught and the hastening of salvation there as well. We were so blessed to have him for a season. More than some parents who have had a child return home sooner than 20yrs. We are grateful for our testimony in the gospel, and especially in our Savior. We know we will see him again. He looked so peaceful. We were grateful to have a wonderful celebration of his life here on earth before we laid his body to rest. Thank you again so much for all you and the elders did for him. We loved your blog of Remembering Elder Toa. Thank you so much. If you're ever in Utah visiting please make sure you let us know. Oh, I have to tell you that Elder Sofele came by with another RM sister that served in Pohnpei. We love them. We had them gather other MGM RM's and they came and sang the mission song in Chuukese at Miller's viewing/visitation a nite that we sing to our loved ones before the funeral service. It was a wonderful celebration that evening of song and visiting with family and friends. We love our missionaries..!! Thank you again, the Toa family

    1. Elder Toa is a wonderful person! We saw him a time or two in the mornings wearing his "skirt" before getting ready for the day. He might have slept in them as well! They were comfortable for lounging!