Sunday, February 16, 2014

February ZONE CONFERENCE (continued!)

Our Zone Conference was as good as they always are.  President and Sister Mecham both taught us and inspired us!  President Mecham taught about consecrating ourselves to the work.  He mentioned quite a few different scriptural references, but the one that I focused on was D&C 31:5.  It talks about doing the work and having your sins forgiven!  Sister Mecham taught about being involved and how others should be able to count on you.  She mentioned a childhood game called "Battle Field", that would be "Slaughter Ball or Murder Ball" to those of "age".  She told about how she didn't like the game and would stand back away from the action.  But once, she got to the point where she knew she was needed and became active.  The more active, the more she liked the game!  Others then began to joiin in for the team!  It is the same with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the more active you are the better it is and your activity may lead to others getting more involved.  Great stuff!

Our zone Leaders, Elders Selander and Obray also taught the group.  The activity shown here is a 180 second introduction to the Book of Mormon.  Here they have broken into groups of four in order to introduce the Boook of Mormon in 180 seconds!  It can be done and there is a way to do it!  Our missionaries did an excellent job and will be using the technique here in Chuuk.  The top photos are of Elders Monson, Vanisi, Vehikite, and Roque.  Next to them are Elders Plocher, Kleven, and Toa. Below we have Elders Selander, Obray, Jonas, and McEwan.  The final group consists of Elders Mackie, Fabiano, Peck , and Payne.  In the background you can see Elders Plocher and Kleven.
More of the 180 Second Introduction to the Book of Mormon role play!  Elder Obray speaks to Elders Roque, Vanisi, Vehikite, and Monson.  Next to them are Elders Raiiney, Fermanis, Allen, and Ladore.
The bottom shots are of Elders Telona, Schroath, and Hunter.  Elder Crisp is in the background.
As always, when we meet at the Blue Lagoon we have a great meal.  Lots of rice, tapioca, bananas, tuna, reef fish, and pork or chicken.  There are vegetables too!  The top shows Elders Toa and Canakiavata.  The President and Sister Mecham, with our Zone Leaders Elders Selander and Obray. Sister Crisp rounds out that block of pictures!  The next set consists of Elders Plocher and Kleven. Then on to Elders Ladore, Allen, Vanisi, Vehikite, Rainey, Fermanis, and Monson.  This group likes to eat island style, using hands instead of silverware!  The last two photos are of Elders Mackie, McEwan, Peck, and Payne.  Then we have Elders Telona, Schroath, Hunter, Simpson, Jonas, and Roque.

Zone Conferences are the BEST!!!

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