Sunday, February 16, 2014

February ZONE CONFERENCE (continued!)

Our Zone Conference was as good as they always are.  President and Sister Mecham both taught us and inspired us!  President Mecham taught about consecrating ourselves to the work.  He mentioned quite a few different scriptural references, but the one that I focused on was D&C 31:5.  It talks about doing the work and having your sins forgiven!  Sister Mecham taught about being involved and how others should be able to count on you.  She mentioned a childhood game called "Battle Field", that would be "Slaughter Ball or Murder Ball" to those of "age".  She told about how she didn't like the game and would stand back away from the action.  But once, she got to the point where she knew she was needed and became active.  The more active, the more she liked the game!  Others then began to joiin in for the team!  It is the same with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the more active you are the better it is and your activity may lead to others getting more involved.  Great stuff!

Our zone Leaders, Elders Selander and Obray also taught the group.  The activity shown here is a 180 second introduction to the Book of Mormon.  Here they have broken into groups of four in order to introduce the Boook of Mormon in 180 seconds!  It can be done and there is a way to do it!  Our missionaries did an excellent job and will be using the technique here in Chuuk.  The top photos are of Elders Monson, Vanisi, Vehikite, and Roque.  Next to them are Elders Plocher, Kleven, and Toa. Below we have Elders Selander, Obray, Jonas, and McEwan.  The final group consists of Elders Mackie, Fabiano, Peck , and Payne.  In the background you can see Elders Plocher and Kleven.
More of the 180 Second Introduction to the Book of Mormon role play!  Elder Obray speaks to Elders Roque, Vanisi, Vehikite, and Monson.  Next to them are Elders Raiiney, Fermanis, Allen, and Ladore.
The bottom shots are of Elders Telona, Schroath, and Hunter.  Elder Crisp is in the background.
As always, when we meet at the Blue Lagoon we have a great meal.  Lots of rice, tapioca, bananas, tuna, reef fish, and pork or chicken.  There are vegetables too!  The top shows Elders Toa and Canakiavata.  The President and Sister Mecham, with our Zone Leaders Elders Selander and Obray. Sister Crisp rounds out that block of pictures!  The next set consists of Elders Plocher and Kleven. Then on to Elders Ladore, Allen, Vanisi, Vehikite, Rainey, Fermanis, and Monson.  This group likes to eat island style, using hands instead of silverware!  The last two photos are of Elders Mackie, McEwan, Peck, and Payne.  Then we have Elders Telona, Schroath, Hunter, Simpson, Jonas, and Roque.

Zone Conferences are the BEST!!!

Zone Conference, Baptisms, Surprise visit to Tonoas and COMPUTERS!!

A week ago was Chuuk Zone Conference.  Computer "issues" are the reason for the delay in posting.  Needless to say, we do NOT pay for the best internet service here ($200/month).  With 3 pc's with viruses, getting wiped clean and trying to get software back on them; a new MacBook Pro with 1+ GB of updates to get on it, which it won't do the really big one for us... and it not accepting HP printer software for the scanning part, we have issues!
Anyway, here we are at the Blue Lagoon Resort for our meetings.  The Elders love to be front, center and bold.  I am going to have to change my position next time. All I ever get is my head!  Can you find your loved one?

Elder Jonas lead the music this time.  President and Sister Mecham are up front, along with our current zone leaders:  Elders Selander and Obray.  Maybe you can discern your elders body from the back?
Elder Crisp is giving some announcements to the zone, including getting the elders help with a list of names of all their youth ages 12-20 and single.  We are planning a big Seminary/Institute day for all including a service activity, cultural song or dance from each group, and a fireside chat with President Wainis about chastity.  We can't get the youth together for a regular fireside, due to boat travels and dangers in the evenings.  We are all supposed to be in by 6 p.m.  This will be March 15th.
Zone Leaders: E Selander and E Obray gave part of the training for our conference.  They do a good job. They talked about how to introduce the B of M in 180 seconds, as well as other things.  A second blog will give more shots of Mechams, the Elders, and our lunch- yum!
These 2 photos above are some of the latest baptisms.  Mwan and Wichap had 4 combined.  In Sapuk, the previous week, Sapuk baptized the father in the family, uniting them in the Gospel.
Sunday was a very rainy and windy day!  We had water from above and the sea, as we made a surprise visit to Tonoas with the District Presidency. In front shows Branch Pres. Naka, Presidents Wainis, Walter and Joseph, and Brother Masauo in Br Presidency.  We were a few minutes late, due to bad weather, and they were singing the opening song as we arrived.  They were well prepared with 4 speakers, including this lady.
Elder Plocher drew a decent rendering of the Plan of Salvation before Sunday School started, and there was much discussion about the different points.  Since we understand one word in 50, we asked our elders if they were getting it right!  He said they did a good job!  Bottom left is Nefi Masauo, who is our latest missionary to assist.  His name is different on Church records than his birth certificate (which is usually the case), so the Church makes these changes...easier than getting a new birth certificate.

Monday, February 3, 2014

February Zone Mtg and Sunday visit to Paata

Monday brought all of Elders in from the islands for a Zone meeting. The Zone Leaders got back from a training at Guam and had some great things to share about Faith, in their training for the zone! We hear so much about faith, but how do we really use it and think of it!  The scriptures always talk about using faith and having faith, but it is something that we must be serious about and not treat it as just "something" we say we have or believe in.  Having faith takes some real work and not just "saying" that we have it. Alma 32:21 says that "faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things: therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true."  The real key is that faith must be centered in Jesus Christ in order to produce salvation.
The photo (right) is Elder and Sister Crisp, the senior couple in Chuuk.
 Below we have Elders Fermanis and Rainey in Sapuk and our Zone Leaders Elders Obray and Selander.

Left we have Elders Toa and Canakiavata in Mechitiw and Elders Hunter and Simpson in Neaou.

Below we have Elders Schroath and Telona on Udot and Elders Ladore and Allen on Paata (Sopata).

Beneath these groups we have Elders Vanisi and Monson on Uman and Elders Jonas and McEwan on Romanum.
The next group of photos are Elders Roque and Vehikite in Nantaku and Elders Mackie and Fabiano on Paata (Pokocho).

 Next we have Elders Peck and Payne in Wichap and Elders Plocher and Kleven on Tonoas.  Sister Crisp made 4 chocolate cakes to serve, along with bananas (for health's sake!).
On Sunday we went to Paata to visit the branch with the District Presidency.  Here is Elder Crisp with one of the members.  He gave us a beautiful shell as a gift. Next to it is a photo of a grounded, rusted out Japanese ship in the harbor at Sopata.  Then there is a small and distant picture of the group as we gathered just prior to Sacrament meeting.  The next photo shows all the Elders from Paata as we traveled by boat to Romanum.  Elders Allen, Fabiano, Ladore, Mackie,and our good friend and prospecitve missionary Brandy.
The remaining photos are of our trip to Paata.  Yes, we had to go through the mangroves to reach the dock in Pokocho.  It gives you the feeling of making a raid with the Marines during World War II.  You crawl through these trees after you have turned the motor off.  You hear the birds and it is quiet other than that and the sound of the pole in the water as you creep along.  The next photo is of the group getting ready to enter into the small hut where we held Sacrament meeting in Sopata.  The last one is of the small chapel and Elders quarters we have in Pokocho.