Saturday, January 25, 2014

January Senior Missionary Conference in Guam

OK, so we will start down here in the middle of things because the computer has decided to act like HAL in 2001 Space Odyssey! The first photo shows all the senior missionaries at the Seniors Conference.  This included President and Sister Mecham along with two doctors from the Asia North Area.  These doctors help out with 12 different missions in the area.  Then we have a picture taken at Vitale's Italian Restaurant. We all went there on Wednesday for lunch. Vitale's Restaurant for a nice meal! Here we have Sister McClelland, the Crisp's, the MacCabes, the Norton's, the Carter's, the Chandler's, the Strother's, the Eliason's, the Graham's, and Sister Mecham at the end!    

These two young people are the Strothers, from New Zealand, serving on Yap!  They call themselves the Kiwi's.  They entertained us by singing and having us sing some old Kiwi folk tunes that were just plain fun!
They also had all the Sisters up with a bolo type instrument that you swing around and get to do some fancy things!  Yes, it takes a bunch of coordinations but our sisters did well!
Here are some of the seniors gathered for a nice dinner at Tony Roma's with the Strothers, the Carters, the Crisp's, and the Chandlers.  These are good times, as you don't find such things on our islands and we only get to see our counterparts once every 6 months.  Then to top is all off, some of these people will be leaving before we meet again!

The pictures below show us at Family Home Evening at the Norton's.  Leading the music is their 13 year old neighbor and very active in the church.  The next picture is of the Stake Patriarch, Brother Gittens and his wife Liz who works at our service center.  They were both very entertaining in their presentations and told us of things in their early life and then how much they loved each other and the gospel.
Here are Elder and Sister Chandler, on Pohnpei, along with our Nurse Sister McClelland visiting with the neighbors and other members of the branch in the Norton's area.  Below is Elder and Sister Norton, on Guam, who will be leaving next week after serving for 23 months.  She prepared "Cafe Rio" for the group, and yes, it was very good!
This shows another table at home evening with Elder and Sister Prince, the office couple who are loved dearly, and whom are leaving in March, along with Elder Crisp and Elder and Sister Carter, on Palau.  We were in the MTC with the Carters!  The bottom photo shows President and Sister Mecham with our two doctor couples; the Grahams and the Eliason's!  It was nice to be able to visit with them and learn ways in which we can assist the Elders!

This final shot of the Seniors Conference shows our CES leader, Freddie Nicerio as he reviews the issues about Seminary and Institute he asked us to provide so he could share this with the Area Leaders.  It seems we are not alone when it comes to transportation and other things that slow our progress.  But we still work with it all and make the headway we can each week! Overall, this Seniors Conference was inspiring, heart warming, and fun!  It is great to get to know those who serve with you, even if it is distant!

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