Saturday, January 25, 2014

Elders coming from Guam: new Elder Payne and our visit to Chamorro Village on our visit to Guam

Our latest addition to our Chuuk Zone is Elder Payne, coming in from Guam with Elder Fabiano (who has been attended by the doctors in Guam), and E. P.'s companion: Elder Peck.  They are assigned to Wichap.
On Thursday afternoon, the Senior Missionary group headed out to the Chamorro Village (Chamorro Cultural Park).  We had a fun and educational tour.  Elder Crisp and another man were daring to "help" the Chamorrons with a dance.  The workers at this village have a lot of enthusiasm and are fun to watch doing their various "native" activities.
A young man climbed the coconut tree, tossed down 2, and then came down the tree head first, showing off muscles and know-how.  The native people from Guam use many of the plants for medicinal herbs and nutrition.  Coconuts are very healthful, and all parts of the coconut are used for various items.
A stick dance was fun to watch.  Lower left, the native cuts the meat out of the coconut.  The tour guide, showing his tattoos and explaining what they all mean, was very animated with the group.
The group learned to weave palm fronds to make fish, as you see here. Sister Mecham and others from our group are shown here, watching a demonstration and weaving fish!
Here is our tour guide, meeting Sister and Elder Prince.  They head up our mission office and are EXTREMELY hard working missionaries!  Elder Crisp and Pres. Mecham are shown here, after checking out this typical "hut"?

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  1. Thanks for posting a picture of Elder Jeff Payne. We are still figuring out how and when communication will occur with him. So we send e-mail messages and send post mail at the same time. We took a copy of your picture and posted it on the blog we setup for Jeff. Thanks again!!