Monday, January 6, 2014

4 Baptisms, 3 prospective Elders and Deputy Director of Ed: Noah with E. Crisp

 We had two baptisms this past week with four different individuals becoming new members of the church.  The first was out in Neaou where President Joseph, of the district presidency, baptized his 8 year old son.  It was a good ceremony and some of the talks were given by other children.  The baptism took place in the lagoon at President Wainis's home!  The singing was lovely and our Elders in the area attended as well!
The second baptism took place out in Sapuk.  Here three members of one family were baptized.  It was a mother and two of her sons.  They were baptised by Elders Fermanis and Selander.  Smart Kata was one of the witnesses.  The ceremony took place at Smart's home.

This picture below is of the three Sapuk young men ready to fill out their missionary paperwork. (They will all have less hair as missionaries!)  Smart Kata is in the front and the three potential missionaries are Nuno Kata, J.T. Ande, and Emerson Kata going left to right!  All three are good young men and should be great missionaries.  We expect them to leave right after the school year ends in June!  They are Seniors at Chuuk High School.

Below is Elder Crisp with Deputy Director of Education Noah Ruben.  Noah is a good man and really cares about the education of the Chuukese youngsters.  I have been working with him at two different elementary schools and training principals.  Over the holiday period, we worked together on creating directions for teacher evaluations., School Improvement Plans, and basic data analysis for the improvement of test scores! He wants me to stay for another 18 months.  I told him I would give him another good 9 and get things started in the right direction for more of their schools!  It is a pleasure working with him!

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