Saturday, December 14, 2013

Seminary & Institute Rewards Activity and Inservice

We invited our active S & students and their teachers+spouses, Branch Presidents + spouses to come to an activity to celebrate Seminary and Institute!  So many groups don't try hard to accomplish having regular classes, that we wanted to reward those that do.
All activities need planning and preparation and what kind of activity doesn't have balloons?  Here Elder Crisp gets the balloons ready for the juggling contest and Sister Crisp hangs Christmas lights and pictures. You have to have some good pictures and lights at Christmas time!
Above we have our most excellent helper, Mfour, yes, that is his name!  He came in and wanted to help us, so we had him give out the wrist bands and later in the day serve up the ice cream.  He will be serving in the Australia Brisbane Mission beginning in March.  Sister Crisp stands next to our theme board, "Hold to the Rod"  and a picture of our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson!
 These are photos of our "Round the Table" ping pong game.  It really gets interesting when you whittle the numbers down to three and even more precarious when there are only two.  You hit the ball, put the paddle down, and move around the table.  Miss or hit the net, etc. and you are out!  You really need to know how to hit that lob shot when it comes down to two people.
Here is the balloon juggle!  Your team must keep the balloons in the air for five minutes!  Sometimes those pesky balloons just get away from you! Elder Crisp served as the referee!
These photos are of the in-service portion of the activity.  Teachers, students, and Branch Presidents were taught about the Doctrine of Christ and holding to the rod!  We need constant reminders about enduring to the end. So it is necessary to go to church, read the scriptures, and attend seminary or institute class.  It is best to be actively engaged in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  We also had a scripture chase to test our students on the Scripture Mastery scriptures for the Book of Mormon! There are only 13 of the 25 found in the Chuukese Book of Mormon, but one of our classes is learning everything in English, so they were pretty sharp!
These two games are the "Shoe Fly", where you try and get your shoe to land right side up on the table! You have one minute to make it happen.  The other game is bounce the ping pong ball into the cup on one bounce.  Again you have one minute to succeed!
You have to have some team relays in a good activity and these people were ready!  They had to run to the chair, go around it, and get back without dropping the ping pong ball off of the spoon.  They did pretty good, until they rushed at the end and dropped just as they were about to finish (this meant they had to start over, thus losing the game!).
Sister Crisp baked cupcakes and cakes for this event!  We had over 130 cupcakes and 4 different cakes! We also provided water and ice cream (a food staple at activities on Chuuk).  It turned out to be a huge success and the prizes were always welcome when they completed or won a game!  We had 61 attend the event!  It was a lot of work and very tiring, but very worth it!!

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