Monday, December 9, 2013

Presidents Whiting (Area Presidency from Tokyo) and Mecham come and expound their great Knowledge and Spirituality!

Here are the Chuuk Zone Elders having a pre-conference lunch at the Blue Lagoon.  Once this was accomplished we headed to the meeting room so that we could conduct the training with the Mission President and a member of the Area Presidency along with their wives.
President Whiting of the Area Presidency, and a Seventy, came to District (Stake) Conference to teach and train the Elders and to encourage and inspire the members of the Chuuk District.  The Spirit was strong as Elder Whiting taught about the Doctrine of Christ to the Elders and the divine calling of each of them!  Below, Elder Jonas leads the group in song as we began the meeting.
The left photograph is President Mecham expounding on "Open Your Mouth"!  This method has lead to a great number of baptisms. President Mecham is a fine example and practices just what he teaches.   Every one who sits near him on an airplane gets a good introduction to the Gospel!  Below, Elder Vehikiti draws a bit of laughter in the meeting

Below, President Whiting and his wife, along with President and Sister Mecham and President Davis visit our humble apartment for a post conference luncheon.  Sister Crisp worked hard in getting everything ready and it turned out wonderfully.  President Whiting gave us and our abode a blessing before they departed.  It was very special and we greatly appreciate his words!  The bottom picture is of President Whiting, Sister Whiting, President Mecham, Sister Mecham, and President Davis on the stand at our District Conference.

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