Thursday, December 26, 2013

More Christmas pix and other December events!

This group of young people are the newest addition to the World Teach group who are working at the high school.  As I trained the initial group back in July, it was only fitting that the director Matt (in the background) ask me to work with these three young ladies!  One is from Florida and the other two are from California!  I train them on effective teaching strategies, lesson planning, and what to do on the first day to ensure success. They don't know what subjects they will teach yet, but they are anxious to begin.  Classes resume on January 6th!
Elder and Sister Crisp found themselves in Chuuk for Christmas (unlike this picture of past days preparing to be in Chuuk).  We made 23 teddy bear breads for the elders, and brownies for their dessert.  The brownies got iced, as well.  Sister Crisp went to every store in Weno before baking and found NO chocolate or chocolate chips, so had to rely on our own stache!  This is a tough place for cooking whatever you would usually cook or bake!  Back at home, some of our family were able to view the beautiful temple lights at the Arizona Temple.  It is always a delightful place to be, between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Waiting their turn to Skype found the elders hanging out and trying to find stuff to amuse themselves.  Elders Simpson and Telona had ukuleles handy and Elder Johnson learned a few chords and strums!  Elders Monson (Great-nephew of our beloved Prophet) and Rainey were awaiting their turn as well.
The hours were many to wait, and upper pix is Elders Schroath and Obray hanging...  Elder Monson received a BYU shirt from Grandma, and was very pleased.  Elder Johnson received a fun marshmallow gun, but unfortunately, marshmallows begin sticking together even before the bag is opened.  Maybe they can find some small hollow balls, or wait till he gets home! Elders Jonas and Selander look on.
Some of our elders have very nice voices, and occasionally we get to hear a few lines.  They were trying to remember a few lines to familiar songs they all "sort of" knew.  Elders: Simpson, Telona, Johnson, Selander and Roque (back to us--he is tired).  Some of the elders slept on the tile floors in Mwan building, some in Zone Leaders house, and some at Neauo.  Sleep is hard to get, under such circumstances.  Elder Roque did let us hear his lovely voice in song, before he zoned out!
Next: Elders Fermanis, Delore, Allen and Mackie hang out for a bit, always waiting their turn, or waiting for something else to happen!  Two pretty long days!  Nice R & R for the elders, I think.
Receiving the word that dentists from America (more specifically from Oregon) would be giving appointments and check-ups and cleanings, etc., Elder and Sister Crisp were waiting before 8 a.m. on the 23rd to get in line.  The Chuukese lady ahead of us pushed us in first, so we had the first two seats for a dentist and hygienist.  They came into town for just over 1 week to do some humanitarian service for residents here in Chuuk.  They didn't ask for money, so we didn't give any!  The Chuukese pay for almost nothing!  The local (Korean) dentists who are always around, working out of the hospital wing, don't give much for the cost of free, so their usual work includes pulling problem teeth.  If you want more done than that, you have to come up with some cash!  I had a cleaning for $10, but it didn't seem to "take"!  We were lucky we weren't on "island time", because a group of children from Akoyikoyi School came in after us, and that slowed things down a bit!
We finished sorting the good/decent books from the "bad" books piled high in the "library".  We didn't have additional bookshelves given for the project, so the "teacher materials" made it to the shelving, and we designated places along the walls for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, beyond.  Hopefully people won't continue just going through the pile and throwing things back helter-skelter...  Mfour helped us sort things. He will be leaving in March for his mission to Brisbane, Australia.  Elder Crisp is the judge of which pile/stack each book belongs in.

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