Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This is a story that you just may not believe.  It is New Years Day in Chuuk and the celebration has been going on since yesterday afternoon!  There were barbeques, family gatherings, lots of food and music.  Then around midnight the fireworks began and the shouting and pan banging!  There were 314 rounds of fireworks that went off, one at a time so it took some time for this to happen.  Getting up later in the evening the parties were still going with music and people sitting around!  Then around 6:00 AM the truck parades started.  They bang on anything, yell out a saying, then the drummers keep a specific beat.  They all did the same beat throughout the day!  It was relatively quiet between 1 AM and 6 AM.  Then we got hit!
The above shots are the "people's" parades.  They came from everywhere and all day long!  There may be a lull at any given time and then it kicks in again.  They come in large groups and in twosomes, but the beat is the same and so are the chants.
By droves they parade up and down the streets of Weno!  Even as we took a walk in the late afternoon, new groups were coming.  These bottom photos are those taken around 4:40 PM and it appears that the party will continue on into the night!  We were told that New Years was at least a two day celebration.  So we will see just what happens into the evening!
 Happy New Year!  As the locals chant "Happy, Happy New year", and then sound the beat!  Another group comes by as I type this into the blog!  Much is in Chuukese, so we aren't sure what all is being said, but everyone is passionate about it!  I believe that everyone jumps into the "parading" activities at some point.  Our neighbor said it was just "tradition"!
It is hard to feel rested.  We will watch some videos with the fan on high, and might get a little sleep tonight, as last night.  And a local said that Mwan area is the noisiest.  I doubt it!   E/S Crisp

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