Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas in Chuuk-- 2013

The M.G. Mission sent each elder a new towel and a goodie bag with a pr of socks and candy. The Crisp's added 2 pr of socks and Teddy Bear Bread to the gift.  The elders were pretty happy to get something from here!  They were really happy as well when they opened their boxes from home! The Crisp's were equally happy when goodie boxes came from home (family).  Thanks to all!!
The companionship's and their Christmas Goodies are here in order by seniority and then alphabetically!  Here are our Zone Leaders, Elders Obray and Johnson.
 Elder Toa from Mechitiw! We await his companion who will arrive soon!
 Elders Vehikite and Roque from Nantaku.
 Elders Simpson and Hunter from Neaou.
 Elders Delore and Allen on Paata!
 Elders Mackie and Fabiano on Paata.
 Elders McEwan and Telona from Romanum.
 Elders Selander and Fermanis from Sapuk.
 Elders Plocher and Kleven on Tonoas
 Elders Rainey and Schroath on Udot (with Elder Jonas from Wichap).
 Elders Monson and Vanisi on Uman.
And Elders Peck and Jonas in Wichap!  (Elder Crisp is checking on the Skype situation)!
I think the elders enjoyed their down-time, and spending time with each other.  Mwan gets pretty busy when all arrive.  Some came in Christmas Eve, and others were delayed because of Branch parties and/or baptisms!
District President Wainis killed one of his pigs and roasted it for Christmas dinner.  The elders seemed all too happy to witness this event! (Those who were not scheduled for Skypeing at the time)  Because guns are not allowed in Chuuk, the pigs are not shot first and then allowed to "bleed-out", as might be done elsewhere.  Elder Allen attests to having the annual roasted pig without all the squealing that can go on for a very long time.  We (the Crisp's) witnessed a pig slaughter a few days before Christmas right in front of our apartment.  Maybe the people are inexperienced at this activity, but we heard the pig squealing loudly for an hour or so, and didn't care to be anywhere near the Wainis event!  We made brownies for their dessert.  We encouraged the elders to complete their meal by themselves, and with the help of our new Elder Monson (already trained in culinary skills), they made scalloped potatoes and cornbread. The meal took place about 8 p.m.!  They never mind the lateness of anything!  Elder and Sister Crisp just settled in early, to arrive at Mwan before 7 a.m. to begin the Skyping event for 2 days.  Not our best ever Christmas!  No gifts, only chocolate bars and home made cardamom bread for breakfast.  At least we can say we "served" others this Christmas!

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  1. Hi This is Viola Ricks. My husband and I served in Chuuk in 2006-2007. Had the adventure of a lifetime. Looks like from those pictures that other islands have missionaries now. It is an exciting time for Chuuk. How many missionaries now? We would love to e-mail you from time to time. Our e-mail is We would love more information and up-dates.