Monday, November 11, 2013

The Chuuk Zone: October and November Gatherings!

This is the "Official" Chuuk Zone photograph from our Zone Conference with President and Sister Mecham in early October!  We just got the picture, so here it is!!  You may not have to find Waldo, but you can find your missionary!!

The top two pictures show one of our District Presidency, Seramino Walter, and his basketball prowess. He represented Chuuk for Olympic trials when he was 18 years old.  He was a star athlete when in high school, and them won many awards later on, for Chuuk.  It also shows who has been leaving tire tracks in the grass (his brother, Herman Walter's van)! Then we have Elder Jonas along with baptismal items his mother and other sisters made and donated!  They made pj style tops and bottoms for 8-12 year old children. We had a huge need for baptismal clothing and Sister Jonas and her group came through for the zone!
We ventured out into the lagoon to visit the group on Udot.  They have been awaiting us so that several of the men could receive the priesthood and get organized with a group leader!  This is all taking place now and we should have them totally up and running by the time our District Conference in early December ends!  They are a great group and were extremely reverent. They built their own Chapel and you can see their handy work.  They have grown larger now and have to take down a section so they can enlarge it this week!  It is a great little "chapel".
Here come the turkey's(below)!  No, not Elder Allen.  He is one of our fearless Zone Leaders, and he is carrying the two Thanksgiving turkeys they got in Guam for our Thanksgiving Day (with a lot of help from Elder and Sister Prince, who run the mission office).  He is demonstrating his strength as the weight of the cooler and turkey's was over 50 pounds.  He handled it quite easily! 
 Here (below) we are all gathered at the last Zone Meeting for the year!  The top picture is the "real" shot and the one below is the "posed" shot!  If you note, Elder Vanisi was hidden in the real shot, but makes his appearance in the posed photo!  24 Elders and Sister Crisp in the real shot, as Elder Crisp took the photo's.  You will notice Sister Crisp exited before the posed photo, a wise move!  Again, no Waldo, but find your Elder!

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