Thursday, November 7, 2013

Service, Mission Nurse comes to town, and our Missionaries receive helpful advice from the nurse!

Elder and Sister Crisp continue the work at Chuuk High School Library.  From piles of discarded, outdated books, we find a few good books for high school students and teachers, and others for K-8 students and teachers.  We sort the good ones and haul the outdated and meaningless books to the "burn pile", where the Principal does a daily burn, when possible.  He has to use some gas to help get it burning, because of the continual dampness of our island.
Sister McClellan is our Mission Nurse.  She came to Chuuk for 2 days and made a great presentation to our elders.  She did some comparison shopping early on, to help the young men know how they could spend their monthly allotment of money to best advantage, and provide healthy (relatively speaking) eating to maintain good health.  They have dedicated two years to serving the Lord, and sickness prevents them from being able to accomplish this commitment.  So, with simple preventative measures, they can combat many of the infections and illnesses that otherwise would beset them.  With 24 young men, we have had our share of these setbacks of health!  Purifying their drinking water, using a triple antibiotic cream when a scratch first occurs, or when a bite has been overly scratched, are just a couple of measures they should be taking.
Wednesday this week turned into a Zone P-day, with our meeting with Sister McClellan climaxing the day.  Early on was emailing and shopping and basketball games.  One computer for 24 elders is hardly sufficient, so E & S Crisp try to get 2 more online to help the process.  Their families are very disappointed if they  don't get their weekly news from their elder.  A few handwritten letters are sent out as well.  They love to get real mail, so families, don't forget to drop some lines in the mailbox as well as emailing!  They need that mental boost every so often!
We love all of our Elders and truly appreciate how they work with the Branch Presidents on our behalf  with concerns about Seminary and Institute.  We can't get out to all of the islands and make visits all of the time, so the Elders step up and assist!  The group above us have been extremely dedicated to assisting in their areas this past month.  Elder Plocher on Uman has worked with our teachers and even found someone who can take over our Seminary program there.  Elders Schroath and Rainey on Udot gather the people and read the Book of Mormon daily.  Next, with Elder Plocher, is Elder McEwan who was great in assisting us while in Mechitiw and helping the teachers.  Our fearless zone leaders, Elders Allen and Johnson, are always busy and get the word out to all the Elders.  These guys are Heroes, even more so than The Avengers!
Here are our Elders on the Zone P-day, getting ready to visit with Sister McCLellan and/or waiting to email, or just relaxing.  Top left are Elder's Roque, Vehikite, Walters, and Toa.  Next are Elders Vehikite, Jonas, and Vanisi.  Below right are Elders Fermanis, Selander, Walters and Roque.  Next, waiting to email are Elders Bowers and Kleven.
Elder Telona is an excellent musician and always plays a tune on his Uke!  Elders Fabiano and Mackie are working on their emails.  The bottom photo has Elders Fabiano, Daniels and Telona emailing home! The Elders below are headed out for a little P-day basketball at the high school.  The photo below are Elders Telona, Simpson, Peck, Hunter, and Rainey just before the Mission Nurse takes over the discussion at the meeting.
Here are some shots of Sister McClellan as she addresses the entire group on cleanliness, budgeting, nutrition, and the like.  The group took an interest in several of the topics of concern and had some good questions for her.  The Zone Leaders also discussed the goals for the rest of the year and our goals for 2014.

Elder Jonas, from Wichap, leads our songs, and does a rousing job!  Below, Sister McClellan takes a look at several of the Elders who had some current issue, like sores, blisters, and a sore throat! She took good care of them all!
Overall, it was a great week and a great visit with Sister McClellan! 

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  1. Thank you so much for posting a picture of Sis McClellan! She took care of my son when he went to Guam to have surgery. She kept me updated everyday as to what was going on and how my son was doing. She took the same care with him that I would have had I been able to be there. I love her so much and it's wonderful to see a picture of her! Thank you!