Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Happenings around Chuuk...

 "Agriculture" is an interesting place.  They start seedlings for you, for free.  We happened to find 2 remaining tomato plants to acquire and one cabbage.  Our back patio has sun and rain, so I hardly have to pay attention to keep them alive. They are growing.  I had hoped to get cucumbers, but none available.
 The last day of November brought 4 baptisms at Mwan.  The young man third from right, from Romanum, did the baptism of one of four persons.  The other 3 were family members of the Primary President from Mwan.  Elders Simpson and Peck (left) and Elders Allen and Johnson all helped with the day.  President Joseph and President Wainis from Neauo gave the talks about "Baptism" and "Receiving the Holy Ghost".  It was a nice service.  Meanwhile,
 Elder and Sister Olsen, from Guam, who are the mission Family History Consultants, were giving training to members from Mwan, Romanum and Uman.  They do a great job in their presentations, and we are looking forward to more families going to the Philippine Temple in 2014.  In the Olsen's absence, Elder and Sister Crisp will, no doubt, be helping them enter their families online to FamilySearch, so that they will be able to take their own deceased family members through the temple, after they have been through the necessary sessions for themselves.
Their "boss", Keiji, in Family History was traveling with them. They hit several islands in the Micronesia Guam Mission, visiting Pohnpei for F.H. and Koserea as they are getting set up to help get birth and other records scanned and online for indexing.  That will help genealogy research for many more people!  While in Chuuk, Keiji set up 2 more computers in our Family History room.  He is a talented man.  The power was out for some time, but finally got back on, to complete his set-up.  Our 24 Elders will have access when in Mwan, to do their emailing.  They get 45 minutes or so per week, when able to come to Mwan on Zone P-day.  Sometimes that is 1 X per month.  Missionaries are now able to bring "investigators to the church", to the church to see LDS sites and get more information about our church!  Social media is a great tool.  Unfortuneately, many Chuukese don't have computers in their home.
 This is a very rainy day, and if it starts in the early morning, you can be sure that most of the schools will not be in session..... The exceptions are 1 or 2 private schools, and Akoyikoyi School.  Maybe if they had a donation of rain slickers they would be able to function better when it rains, and education would bump up a notch or two. As it is, school days are usually very short to begin with.
 Elders Walters and Roque had a nice baptism for Mechitiw this month.  Getting into the ocean can be tricky.  Between rocks and coral, it is slippery and difficult to find a place the right depth for both people.  These elders work hard, and are an inspiration in our district.
Well, it's beginning to look a bit like Christmas around here.  It is still warm (year round), so it hard to feel "Christmas in the air".  None the less, we have decorated a little with a few items we found in our apartment, as has our apartment people.  We are wrapping socks for our elders.  They are sockless half the time.  Socks wear out fast, and get dirty/muddy quite fast, and nothing washed dries very fast.  So, we thought a couple of pairs each might help a little.  Unfortunately, almost all the elders sent to Chuuk are "Big Foot".  We had to order a second time, so we could get some socks for sizes 12, 13 and 14!
Well, it is only December 1st here, but we are pretty much ready for Christmas.  There is really nothing in town that we need as gifts, so helping the elders Skype home will take up most of our "Christmas Time".

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