Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Computer Glitches, Trainings, and Donations!

 There have been a couple of computer glitches that have kept us away for a while.  Our main computer basically shut down and required a system update.  So we got that done and now we endure the numerous updates that have to come each day just to get us caught up, but we are dealing with it!  We are just glad to be back in business.  The first three photos show our Branch Presidency Training.  Our District President, Tarsi Wainis wanted his Branch's to be more functional and to use the people in callings.  So, Elder Crisp was called upon to demonstrate, show , and explain just what the responsibilities of the Branch Presidencies are responsible for during meetings and what auxiliaries they help to oversee. 

 We talked about callings and how the people needed to be actively involved and engaged in the gospel, even if they are the "greeter" each Sunday.  Then we outlined the budget process and how each Branch needs to use it wisely and not to overdraw or cause the District to become overdrawn (yes, there has been an issue with this).  Sister Crisp provided cake, rolls, and fresh water for the meet-ing! If you feed them, they will come!

Elder Crisp was then sent on an Educational Training Adventure to the isle of Udot! He met with the principals from all the schools in Faichuuk, a group of islands in the lagoon.  It was a very interesting group as they have little or no real training in being a school leader.  So, he started from square one and proceeded.  He was well received by the group and invited to come back again!  Notice the green Tupperware containers?  One of these was filled with a lunch I was provided.  There was more food in that container than I eat in a week!  They are very generous!  I ate a bit, but made sure that the remainder went back to the family on the island (I was told I could take it home)!
The lady in the yellow and red to the left is the Executive Director of Education in Chuuk.  She made a small presentation and then stayed for mine (she really had to because we were riding in the same boat back to Weno)!
We received several boxes of clothing donations from Guam, which was from a large collection from a nice, generous Ward in USA.  I believe a young lady is doing a project for MIA and also needs pictures of the recipients of these clothes.  Chuuk has many young prospective missionaries, both male and female.  Sister Crisp is sorting the items, cutting and re-hemming many long sleeve shirts and skirts that are out-dated because of the length.  It is a big, but important project for us to oversee.  After the current prospective missionaries are given several items to get them started, at least up to the MTC, there are many people in Chuuk that are very accepting of donations of clothing.  With all of our budding Branches, there are many needs for white Sunday shirts, ties and nice dress slacks.  We will be distributing all around.  We have been collecting many items ourselves from the States (by way of a good sister shopping Goodwill, etc. for me) and so between these donations and our own supplies, we were able to outfit a young man, Mfour, last night, who has just received his mission call today!  He will be delighted to go to Australia!  His sister, Kayrene, is soon to depart to Hawaii for her mission!  I have to re-hem items before I outfit her!  Two really great young people!


  1. That's fantastic. So glad people are being generous. and thank goodness mom knows how to sew!

  2. As I read about these clothes donations, I have donated clothes & footware to contribute to the Micronesia Guam Mission. Lots of them. Can I please get an address to send it to? I collected them before my son left for his mission (Elder Telona is in Chuuk now) but only now I'm able to get around to doing it. All on behalf of my son. Hope to hear from you soon. Sis. Telona