Thursday, November 28, 2013

Chuuk Zone Thanksgiving: Football, Turkey and all the Fixin's

Sports Update:  Elders take on other Elders in the highly competitive Turkey Bowl held at Anderson Field, Weno, Chuuk, FSM November 28, 2013.  The field was a tad bit wet and yes, the Elders got a little muddy, but they had a good time.  Best of all, there were no major injuries.  The final score, well, no one really told me what the outcome was, but they had a great time!
Above you can just make out Elders Selander, Hunter (background with the soccer ball) Rainey, Kleven Telona, and Toa.  The next is a sideline shot with Elder Hunter getting ready to make a fancy soccer move, even though we are talking American Football. 
More from the field of play and a few sideline shots!  Elders Schroath, Jonas, Daniels, and others while Elder Mackie gives us the "It's me!" pose! (His parents have had a hard time receiving his letters, and we want them to know he is still alive, and kickin!  Being assigned to Paata--the furthest out of our islands--doesn't make it easy for him to get letters to somewhere that they will be mailed.  And our texts and phone calls seldom reach them)  They all made it back to the Church a little muddy, but no worse from wear!  A few minor scrapes, but hey, it's football!
After a little bit of clean up comes the Thanksgiving Feast!  Elders Johnson and Peck scope out the serving table for the main course and Elder Walters looks on the dessert table!  The day did not come off in perfect fashion, as the power went off in one of the kitchen areas for a while and it is not an easy task to get food for 26 while working from three different areas, transporting over the "wonderful" roads here, and not having all the things and supplies you want and need that would be in your home kitchen. There were two 20# turkeys, 30 #'s of mashed potatoes, gravy slightly burned...., corn, cornbread dressing, candied yams, green bean casserole (since there were no plain green beans to be had ANYWHERE, we used a variety frozen pack including broccoli, onions and mushrooms, baked with the traditional cream of mushroom soup), jello, ambrosia salad, rolls, cranberries (shipped from AZ!) olives, etc.  Lemonade was on the menu, but with the bumpy roads, a can seemed to land on the spout and now the lemonade is all over the back of the area of the car.  There were 9 pies, peach cobbler (pie), cookies, brownies, and chocolate cake!  We wanted to make sure that the Elders were full and had plenty of things to choose from. 
 This was the basic set up, 14 at one table and 12 at the other.  This is the beginning of dinner as Elder Telona grabs a roll before he makes it into the line.  There was a variety of music going on. Here, Elder Crisp plays "oldies" as Elder Vanisi looks on!  A number of people played.  This is quite a talented group of young men!  (These men are the gentlemen of the group, waiting their turn to line up for food!)
Here is Sister Crisp, the one who put all of this together!  It took a lot of planning and  4 days of cooking to bring it all together! Here you can see Elders Vanisi, Rainey, Schroath, Kleven, Bowers, Daniels, Peck, Jonas, Plocher, and others in the background!
Elder Vehikiti loaded up his plate and we all wondered if he could really eat all of it!  The answer:  He could and did!
Here you can make out Elders Mackie,  Simpson, Peck, Jonas, Plocher, Vanisi, Rainey, Schroath, Kleven Bowers, Daniels, Fabiano and Obray.  Below are Elders Crisp, Allen, Johnson, McEwan, Telona, Fermanis, Selander, Roque, Wlaters, Vehikiti, and Toa.  The empty space was Sister Crisp (she was taking the picture).

Here Sister Crisp sits with Elders Allen, Johnson, Selander, Roque, Walters and Toa!  The bottom and final shot here is the fact that the Elders got every nook and cranny filled and had to rest on the floor to make things spread out so they could have dessert!  Leftovers were taken to the Zone Leaders apartment so everyone could have a bit more later in the evening!  It may not have been "perfect", but it was a good day and everyone walked away content!


  1. Thank you so much Sister Crisp for providing such a nice Thanksgiving for the missionaries. You are so kind. They all look great and the meal was a huge job for you, I'm sure. You are wonderful. We too, miss hearing from Elder Obray as much as we'd like, as he is serving on Paata also. But when letters do arrive, he is happy and healthy and loves every part of serving in Chuuk. Happy Holidays and thanks again.

  2. Elder Obray is the "leader of the pack" of 4 elders on Paata. He is one great missionary, and a very nice young man. You can be so proud of him!