Tuesday, October 1, 2013

School Supplies for Akoyikoyi Center School

This group of photographs are part of the humanitarian project for the Akoyikoyi Center School in Penia.  This is a private school that has teachers from volunteer organizations such as the Peace Corps and Jesuit Volunteers.  They do an amazing job of working with students in grades K thru 2.  They expand a grade every year and are just now being recognized by the state government.  The missionaries from Mechitiw and Sapuk, along with the District President Wainis and Sapuk Branch President Ande, two branch members and the senior couple on Chuuk delivered the backpacks and school materials that were provided by our Humanitarian Services Office in Guam.  The backpacks had pencils, tablets, rulers, pencil sharpeners, and erasers. 
Here the students are choosing their backpacks.  The couple is the wife of Clark Graham and their son.  Will is the teacher with a group of students learning math facts.  He tosses the ball when he asks a student a question and that student must respond with an answer.  Clark Graham is the Director, founder, etc. of Akoyikoyi.  He is a dedicated individual and wants what is best for students. 

 Bill, the teacher in this picture is a volunteer from Australia and  teaches the 2nd grade class.  The other pictures are of students making their selection of the backpack they like or want the most!  Some really wanted the black ones and two orange ones went pretty fast!  Below, Bill works with the class on handwriting and English language!
Left is Clark Graham, President Ande, President Wainis, and Elder Crisp.  Akoyikoyi is one of the schools on the island that Elder Crisp helps with effective teaching practices and the overall basic running of a school.
The above photographs show the entire school as they sang a "goodbye and thank you" song they learned in English.  Izella, to the right in each picture, is the Peace Corps volunteer who works with all levels and the parent group. Earlier this year (during the summer) some members from the Center for Field Placement in the College of Education at the University of Phoenix On-Line held a book drive for the school and sent several boxes of primer and pre-primer books in order to help the students learn English.  These projects have been well received by the staff and the students at Akoyikoyi.  All of the photographs are courtesy of Sister Crisp!  She doesn't always get in the pictures, but she does a great job of keeping up with the activities and she is always there assisting.

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  1. That's awesome. Love that so many people are willing to give up a chunk of their life to help others.