Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Flat Wyatt" joins us for October Seminary and Institute Inservice!

Our grandson Wyatt's class at school is involved with the Flat Stanley project, so, "Flat Wyatt" has come to Micronesia!  He has only been here a couple of days, but he is actively involved around the island.  Here he is with the Zone Leaders: Elders Allen and Johnson, on the boat getting ready to head off to one of the islands!  Below Flat Wyatt sits with all of our district elders.  Elder Walters is happily pointing toward Wyatt! Elders from front left:  Elders Toa, Fermanis, Roque, Walters, Crisp, Selander and McEwan.  We have good meetings. Elder Selander is a great D.L.
So, without all of the necessary tools to effectively prepare "carrot cake" for our Seminary In-service, it takes about half a day to prepare the carrots and then get it all put together.  Where is the Mollie Grater when you need one?  They did turn out pretty good, but shredding carrots the way our grandparents did it is quite the process.
(Below) This is Ignacio, our seminary teacher on Paata.  He was explaining how to bring the spirit into your lessons.  He did a good job and has a good group actively involved on his island.  Below him is Oriko, our stalwart teacher in the Mwan Branch.  She explained how journaling can help students remember key events and points made in a lesson.

After all of our preparations, invitations, assignments, reminders, friendly hints, etc. we only got five of our teachers to attend.  I will say that the rain stops many things here on Chuuk and we did get a phone call from one island saying that the seas were too rough for them to come out.  We had three of our 4 islands represented, but none of the local branches made it in except Mwan,  Needless to say, there was just a little frustration on our behalf.  It took the whole day just to get the meeting going due to the storm and island time. Planning ahead will be a focus of some of our future meetings.
Here we have Flat Wyatt helping Sister Crisp dole out the bananas at our in-service.  He is really quite the helpful little guy and jumps right in to assist.  We hope that he has enjoyed his little visit so far.  He will be taking a couple of journeys into the jungle soon.


  1. This post made Wyatt sooooooooooooooo happy! He's out of school for October Break, but plans to share the news with his class next week! The boat with the 2 elders was his favorite so far, though he's happy that Flat Wyatt is a good helper! <3

  2. Have to admit, flat Wyatt was pretty darn cool! Love it!!! Your elders are so much fun! :D