Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Week at a Glance-- September 21-27.

Part of our week was spent working with potential missionaries from Chuuk.  Here we are in the hospital doing what we do best at the hospital, waiting!!  Sister Crisp is with Cheina (pronounced Jayna) and Elder Crisp is with Brandy (pronounced Brandy).   Though we wait for results and lab work, and then again to see the doctor, it is really great to spend time with these young people and help them reach gospel goals that they set for themselves.  Both Brandy and Cheina speak very good English so we are anxious to see what calls await them.  Notice the board behind Sister Crisp and Cheina.  This will give you a sample of the written Chuukese language!  (our letters, pronounced differently)
We encourage the young ladies to go on a mission.  It opens up so many more possibilities for them, than if they stayed in Chuuk forever, not knowing what might be possible for them.  This young lady is one of the prettiest in Chuuk! (Sis. Crisp's perception)
This is Iras School!  This is one of e the elementary schools where Elder Crisp  in-services the administration and the teachers on effective teaching practices and the general running of a school.  An invitation from the Deputy Director of Education came in order for Elder Crisp to be introduced to help the schools in Chuuk with better teaching and administrative practices.  The plan is to have Elder Crisp go from school to school and train as many staffs as he can during our mission time in Chuuk.  He currently assists at the high school and with a private elementary school as well as Iras.  This is enjoyable work as education has been his life's career.
A trip to Tonoas is always enjoyable once you get there.  The boat ride isn't always "smooth" and this week it was no exception.  The ride over was not so bad, but the ride home was like an event in the Calgary Stampede, wild and furious!  President Naka is pictured below in basketball attire and with his tie.  He does a wonderful job and we went out to assist his members in getting ready for the next temple trip.  So first we taught two lessons of the Temple Preparation course and then we had an activity.  These trips are great when we have an activity and the Chuukese love games.  So, we decided to teach them how to play kickball.  They picked up the game quickly and enjoyed the experience.  The final score was 31-18 after 4 innings of play.  They play hard and when they throw the ball to get you out, they throw with all of their might, even if you are only two feet away.  Nothing malicious, just enthusiasm and fun.  Since the teacher of the game was on the losing side, we will have to go back and play again to even things out!!!
No picture for it, but Udot had 21 baptisms last Saturday!!  This month will be another record amount.  We have hard working elders!! 


  1. Yes Udot is on fire! My son, Elder S hopes to be back on his 'little island' in a week or so. Love the pictures! --Sis S.