Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Seminary Totes and Bishop Nicerio comes to Chuuk

These are the 144 completed totes that Sister Crisp made for teachers and students.  They will hold their Book of Mormon, a journal, and the scripture marking sheets for daily reading, chapter completion, and scripture mastery.  A student must show consistent attendance over two weeks in order to earn the tote.  Sister Crisp is in the back corner of the photograph.  This was a huge undertaking as each bag had to be lined in order to hold the materials over a long period.  So, cut, sew, add lining, fold over and create the pockets for the ties, then cut the cording,, tie them off, sear the edges of the cording, then lace them through and tie them off!  (Elder Crisp helped with those last items!)
Here, Bishop Nicerio helps pass out the totes to those students who have earned them.  Bishop Nicerio is the coordinator for all seminaries and institutes in the Micronesia/Guam Mission.  He comes out periodically to provide updates, training, and just to check on the senior CES Couples. This is just one class, as we have now handed out totes to the Mwan students, some Mechitiw students, and most of the students who are attending at Chuuk High.  We have also handed out several totes to the Mwan Institute class.  All our teachers received a larger one to hold their manual, etc.   We will be checking on the remaining programs over the next month, as we have to travel to several islands to accomplish this.
This is Sister Oriko Ewer, our diligent and highly productive Seminary teacher in Mwan.  She has a very active group and she enjoyed handing out the totes.  She then gave a great lesson about Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life.  Bishop Necario commented that there are three kinds of people; Those that say I will, those that say Maybe, I will try, and those that say I will not: when it comes to obeying the commandments and promptings from our Father in heaven.

The students enjoyed the totes, as you can tell by the smiles.  The Chuukese love to have their pictures taken.  They may be shy about speaking out, but they are not shy about being photographed.  Boys in Chuuk are not afraid of bright colors!

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  1. Looks great mom. Not a project I could have done. I bet they love them.