Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Part of Our Family at home and Abroad!

These are some of the adventures and happenings with our own family both back at home and abroad!  Our Granddaughter Aly lost both front teeth at the same time and here she proudly displays them.  Hunter and Alexis celebrate the 4th of July in New York Harbor!  A letter from our Grandson Timothy to his mother that has all of the parts, a salutation, a "body", and an ending!  The perfect letter!  His creativity and imagination are wonders to behold!   and We continue our missionary efforts, but we love to hear from home!!
Two of our daughters and their families went to Puerto Rico for a visit over the Labor Day weekend.  This is grand, as Elder Crisp spent three years there, long ago, and attended high school.  So the photos and the emails were greatly appreciated!
We love and appreciate our family very much and know that their prayers and support are with us while we are away from them.  We miss them all, but know that we are doing a service for our Father in Heaven!

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