Friday, September 13, 2013

New Elders on Chuuk-- September transfers

This week brought transfers for our Elders.  It also brought three brand new Elders, Fabiano, Roque, and Simpson and one, Elder Allen, who returned to us from his stint as an Assistant to the President on Guam,! Here they arrive at the airport!
 Our Zone Leaders:  Elder Allen, who just came back to us and Elder Johnson
 Elder Mackie will be training Elder Fabiano on Paata.  This area has grown in membership and so a new area of the island is being opened.
 Elder Peck will be working with his new companion Elder Simpson, who is joining us after having served for a few months on Guam.  They will serve in the Neauo area.
Elder Walters will be training Elder Roque.  They will serve in the Nantaku area!  Chuuk Zone is up to 26 elders and one sister (Sister Crisp--that's me..)


  1. Sister Crisp,
    What a nice treat to see my Elder Fabiano for his first day there in the Chuuk Zone. Thanks for the great pics.
    Mark Fabiano

  2. Hi Sis Crisp,
    A quick request. Elder Fabiano turns 19 on Oct 18. I sent him 2 pkgs that should arrive today at the Zone PO box. Please advise the Zone Leaders.
    thank you very much.