Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Micronesia Guam Mission and CHUUK record baptisms in August!

August was an amazing month for baptisms in Chuuk and the entire Micronesia Guam Mission.    In Chuuk we had 44 baptisms for the month and there were 117 for the entire mission.  Here are some of the Elders with the recent converts! This was being done to honor our Prophet Thomas S. Monson's birthday!
Our Zone Leaders, Elders Johnson and Sofele at the Mwan Chapel! These are two amazing young men, as they keep everything flowing in the Zone(taking care of the 21 Elders in their charge) and teaching the Gospel to investigators and bringing souls to Jesus Christ.
The baptismal closet was a kind of a mess, with things heaped on the floor and stuffed in the reaches of every nook and cranny.  There was no rhyme or reason to the closet and the items were  a conglomeration of long sleeve shirts and very few items for women.  So, we added a number of items,  cleaned the clothing that was there, repaired items, made slips and dresses for the women, and organized everything into two closet areas.  This was done in time for our big day that held 24 baptisms.  We are still adding needed items for men and women and children!
 Here are Elders Peck, Kleven, Sofele, and Johnson at the Mwan branch with some recent converts.
 Elders Rainey and Schroath out on Udot had a wonderful day with 16 baptisms on their island.  Above are a few of the new members and the picture below is the whole group with the Elders.

Elders Daniels and Plocher on Uman are shown here at one of their local baptisms.  The Lord's work is moving in Micronesia and it is marvelous to watch these young men teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Lord truly prepares the way!!

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