Monday, September 9, 2013

Branch Conferences, Seminaries & Institutes and Temple Prep Classes

Since August, the District Presidency has been conducting Branch Conferences.  In meeting with the District Presidency it was decided that we needed to speak and teach about Service and Sacrifice.  In the Priesthood meetings we have been discussing the importance of the Priesthood.  We are trying to help the members see that this is a church of service and action, not one for just being taught and then going home.  We are attempting to activate the members and get them to  fulfill callings.  These are some photos of  Branch President Naka on Tonoas, one of his members holding President Wainis' baby, the boat ride over to the island (on a small boat!),  President Wainis (bottom right) and his wife and baby on the boat.  You can see that when we reach the shallows, we need to pole over to the docking area.  It is always an interesting trip and you never know if it is going to rain on the return voyage, so  you are always prepared.  We give a Temple Prep lesson during the Sunday School time as we have a number of members preparing to attend the Temple in the Philippines sometime in January or February. 

The above photos are some of our members on Tonoas.  They are really a great group to visit and President Naka is a great man to lead this branch.  It is a relatively small branch, but one that has some good attendance.  Below is a picture of our Seminary Bulletin Board at the Mwan Chapel.  We take pictures of all of our Seminary and Institute students (mostly the younger of the Institute students) in hopes that it will generate an interest in them to attend.  We have done this in all of our branches.  The Chuukese love to have their pictures taken and love to see them on the board.  We have found that they all want their picture on the board, so we continue to take the pictures and post them.  Since we tell the members that all can attend Institute class, we figure all can be on the board!  They have very few, if any, pictures of their families, individuals, even themselves.  You can tell how much they enjoy looking at their pictures and they will remind you that theirs isn't on the board yet and are ready to pose for you. 
(Below)  This is our seminary class at Chuuk High School.  This is the first year we have been able to hold class on the campus.  It begins right after school is out.  We range from 4 to 11 students on any given day right now, but hope that some of the others will begin attending as well.  Our teacher is a good one and he will leave the campus and go u p to the Mechitiw Branch and work with their seminary teacher as well.  Our goal for the year is for the students to read the Book of Mormon.  This is so important in their growth as members of the church.  They rely heavily on the New Testament and need to read the Book of Mormon and use it in their talks and lessons.  So, if all they accomplish during the year is the reading of the Book of Mormon and discuss what they read, we will consider our programs a success.

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