Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Week at a Glance-- September 21-27.

Part of our week was spent working with potential missionaries from Chuuk.  Here we are in the hospital doing what we do best at the hospital, waiting!!  Sister Crisp is with Cheina (pronounced Jayna) and Elder Crisp is with Brandy (pronounced Brandy).   Though we wait for results and lab work, and then again to see the doctor, it is really great to spend time with these young people and help them reach gospel goals that they set for themselves.  Both Brandy and Cheina speak very good English so we are anxious to see what calls await them.  Notice the board behind Sister Crisp and Cheina.  This will give you a sample of the written Chuukese language!  (our letters, pronounced differently)
We encourage the young ladies to go on a mission.  It opens up so many more possibilities for them, than if they stayed in Chuuk forever, not knowing what might be possible for them.  This young lady is one of the prettiest in Chuuk! (Sis. Crisp's perception)
This is Iras School!  This is one of e the elementary schools where Elder Crisp  in-services the administration and the teachers on effective teaching practices and the general running of a school.  An invitation from the Deputy Director of Education came in order for Elder Crisp to be introduced to help the schools in Chuuk with better teaching and administrative practices.  The plan is to have Elder Crisp go from school to school and train as many staffs as he can during our mission time in Chuuk.  He currently assists at the high school and with a private elementary school as well as Iras.  This is enjoyable work as education has been his life's career.
A trip to Tonoas is always enjoyable once you get there.  The boat ride isn't always "smooth" and this week it was no exception.  The ride over was not so bad, but the ride home was like an event in the Calgary Stampede, wild and furious!  President Naka is pictured below in basketball attire and with his tie.  He does a wonderful job and we went out to assist his members in getting ready for the next temple trip.  So first we taught two lessons of the Temple Preparation course and then we had an activity.  These trips are great when we have an activity and the Chuukese love games.  So, we decided to teach them how to play kickball.  They picked up the game quickly and enjoyed the experience.  The final score was 31-18 after 4 innings of play.  They play hard and when they throw the ball to get you out, they throw with all of their might, even if you are only two feet away.  Nothing malicious, just enthusiasm and fun.  Since the teacher of the game was on the losing side, we will have to go back and play again to even things out!!!
No picture for it, but Udot had 21 baptisms last Saturday!!  This month will be another record amount.  We have hard working elders!! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Seminary Totes and Bishop Nicerio comes to Chuuk

These are the 144 completed totes that Sister Crisp made for teachers and students.  They will hold their Book of Mormon, a journal, and the scripture marking sheets for daily reading, chapter completion, and scripture mastery.  A student must show consistent attendance over two weeks in order to earn the tote.  Sister Crisp is in the back corner of the photograph.  This was a huge undertaking as each bag had to be lined in order to hold the materials over a long period.  So, cut, sew, add lining, fold over and create the pockets for the ties, then cut the cording,, tie them off, sear the edges of the cording, then lace them through and tie them off!  (Elder Crisp helped with those last items!)
Here, Bishop Nicerio helps pass out the totes to those students who have earned them.  Bishop Nicerio is the coordinator for all seminaries and institutes in the Micronesia/Guam Mission.  He comes out periodically to provide updates, training, and just to check on the senior CES Couples. This is just one class, as we have now handed out totes to the Mwan students, some Mechitiw students, and most of the students who are attending at Chuuk High.  We have also handed out several totes to the Mwan Institute class.  All our teachers received a larger one to hold their manual, etc.   We will be checking on the remaining programs over the next month, as we have to travel to several islands to accomplish this.
This is Sister Oriko Ewer, our diligent and highly productive Seminary teacher in Mwan.  She has a very active group and she enjoyed handing out the totes.  She then gave a great lesson about Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life.  Bishop Necario commented that there are three kinds of people; Those that say I will, those that say Maybe, I will try, and those that say I will not: when it comes to obeying the commandments and promptings from our Father in heaven.

The students enjoyed the totes, as you can tell by the smiles.  The Chuukese love to have their pictures taken.  They may be shy about speaking out, but they are not shy about being photographed.  Boys in Chuuk are not afraid of bright colors!

Friday, September 13, 2013

New Elders on Chuuk-- September transfers

This week brought transfers for our Elders.  It also brought three brand new Elders, Fabiano, Roque, and Simpson and one, Elder Allen, who returned to us from his stint as an Assistant to the President on Guam,! Here they arrive at the airport!
 Our Zone Leaders:  Elder Allen, who just came back to us and Elder Johnson
 Elder Mackie will be training Elder Fabiano on Paata.  This area has grown in membership and so a new area of the island is being opened.
 Elder Peck will be working with his new companion Elder Simpson, who is joining us after having served for a few months on Guam.  They will serve in the Neauo area.
Elder Walters will be training Elder Roque.  They will serve in the Nantaku area!  Chuuk Zone is up to 26 elders and one sister (Sister Crisp--that's me..)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Branch Conferences, Seminaries & Institutes and Temple Prep Classes

Since August, the District Presidency has been conducting Branch Conferences.  In meeting with the District Presidency it was decided that we needed to speak and teach about Service and Sacrifice.  In the Priesthood meetings we have been discussing the importance of the Priesthood.  We are trying to help the members see that this is a church of service and action, not one for just being taught and then going home.  We are attempting to activate the members and get them to  fulfill callings.  These are some photos of  Branch President Naka on Tonoas, one of his members holding President Wainis' baby, the boat ride over to the island (on a small boat!),  President Wainis (bottom right) and his wife and baby on the boat.  You can see that when we reach the shallows, we need to pole over to the docking area.  It is always an interesting trip and you never know if it is going to rain on the return voyage, so  you are always prepared.  We give a Temple Prep lesson during the Sunday School time as we have a number of members preparing to attend the Temple in the Philippines sometime in January or February. 

The above photos are some of our members on Tonoas.  They are really a great group to visit and President Naka is a great man to lead this branch.  It is a relatively small branch, but one that has some good attendance.  Below is a picture of our Seminary Bulletin Board at the Mwan Chapel.  We take pictures of all of our Seminary and Institute students (mostly the younger of the Institute students) in hopes that it will generate an interest in them to attend.  We have done this in all of our branches.  The Chuukese love to have their pictures taken and love to see them on the board.  We have found that they all want their picture on the board, so we continue to take the pictures and post them.  Since we tell the members that all can attend Institute class, we figure all can be on the board!  They have very few, if any, pictures of their families, individuals, even themselves.  You can tell how much they enjoy looking at their pictures and they will remind you that theirs isn't on the board yet and are ready to pose for you. 
(Below)  This is our seminary class at Chuuk High School.  This is the first year we have been able to hold class on the campus.  It begins right after school is out.  We range from 4 to 11 students on any given day right now, but hope that some of the others will begin attending as well.  Our teacher is a good one and he will leave the campus and go u p to the Mechitiw Branch and work with their seminary teacher as well.  Our goal for the year is for the students to read the Book of Mormon.  This is so important in their growth as members of the church.  They rely heavily on the New Testament and need to read the Book of Mormon and use it in their talks and lessons.  So, if all they accomplish during the year is the reading of the Book of Mormon and discuss what they read, we will consider our programs a success.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Part of Our Family at home and Abroad!

These are some of the adventures and happenings with our own family both back at home and abroad!  Our Granddaughter Aly lost both front teeth at the same time and here she proudly displays them.  Hunter and Alexis celebrate the 4th of July in New York Harbor!  A letter from our Grandson Timothy to his mother that has all of the parts, a salutation, a "body", and an ending!  The perfect letter!  His creativity and imagination are wonders to behold!   and We continue our missionary efforts, but we love to hear from home!!
Two of our daughters and their families went to Puerto Rico for a visit over the Labor Day weekend.  This is grand, as Elder Crisp spent three years there, long ago, and attended high school.  So the photos and the emails were greatly appreciated!
We love and appreciate our family very much and know that their prayers and support are with us while we are away from them.  We miss them all, but know that we are doing a service for our Father in Heaven!

September Zone Meeting

 Here are the Elders at our September Zone Meeting!  Elder Telona, one of our newest missionaries, leads the singing and the Zone Leaders, Elders Johnson and Sofele look on!  Elders Bowers, Fermanis, Hunter, and Jonas "pose" for these shots!!
 Elders Jonas, Peck, Kleven, Toa, Selander, Daniels, Plocher, Schroath, and Walters!
 Additional shots of our amazing Elders!  Below are Elders Vanisi, Pita, McEwan, Vehikite, and Obray!

 Above are Elders Schroath, Walters, Mackie, and Lavites!
All of these are just for you, the families of these wonderful and amazing young men!  Look closely and find your missionary!!

Micronesia Guam Mission and CHUUK record baptisms in August!

August was an amazing month for baptisms in Chuuk and the entire Micronesia Guam Mission.    In Chuuk we had 44 baptisms for the month and there were 117 for the entire mission.  Here are some of the Elders with the recent converts! This was being done to honor our Prophet Thomas S. Monson's birthday!
Our Zone Leaders, Elders Johnson and Sofele at the Mwan Chapel! These are two amazing young men, as they keep everything flowing in the Zone(taking care of the 21 Elders in their charge) and teaching the Gospel to investigators and bringing souls to Jesus Christ.
The baptismal closet was a kind of a mess, with things heaped on the floor and stuffed in the reaches of every nook and cranny.  There was no rhyme or reason to the closet and the items were  a conglomeration of long sleeve shirts and very few items for women.  So, we added a number of items,  cleaned the clothing that was there, repaired items, made slips and dresses for the women, and organized everything into two closet areas.  This was done in time for our big day that held 24 baptisms.  We are still adding needed items for men and women and children!
 Here are Elders Peck, Kleven, Sofele, and Johnson at the Mwan branch with some recent converts.
 Elders Rainey and Schroath out on Udot had a wonderful day with 16 baptisms on their island.  Above are a few of the new members and the picture below is the whole group with the Elders.

Elders Daniels and Plocher on Uman are shown here at one of their local baptisms.  The Lord's work is moving in Micronesia and it is marvelous to watch these young men teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Lord truly prepares the way!!