Monday, August 19, 2013

What, NO EGGS in Weno, the shopping destination of Chuuk ??

 Apparently, the only people able to get eggs right now, are those people with chickens.(if they know where their chickens lay their eggs)  We agreed to bake a cake for a wedding of some investigators, who, will hopefully be baptized this Saturday.  We had just ran out of eggs, so Elder Crisp went to at least 8 stores, and no eggs to buy.  Cake mixes aren't that good without an egg or two.  We found a recipe online, which is our new favorite of cheap desserts!  Everyone loved the cake (of course, you need to add icing for it to be really good).  The ingredients are: flour, sugar, cocoa pwd, salt, baking soda...sift together.  Mix together vegetable oil, distilled white vinegar!, vanilla and water and add it to a well of dry ingredients and mix well. Bake, and yummmm!  It's as good as Texas Sheet Cake, and a lot cheaper to make, especially with eggs at $4.50 per dozen.
So, we witnessed Meinet Edward and Nesleen Daitus get married, and then they enjoyed the cake with about 25 other people.  They got the only normal-sized pieces!  Who would know all the neighborhood children with nothing to do come to anything happening at the church, and participate.  This Saturday should be a record baptism day for Chuuk.  With Udot recently opened up to missionary work, and all the other elders working hard in their areas, we are in for a great day.


  1. The cake sounds good and it will be interesting how many baptisms you have.

  2. Crazy cake is an old standby at our house! The kids like it because it can be mixed right in the pan: fewer dishes to wash!!