Friday, August 16, 2013

Shopping around Chuuk is an adventure!

This post is in response to an inquiry by one of our grandsons:  "Where do you shop"?  Well, here is where we shop! This is a picture of the "Fresh Catch of the Day"  We went to Sapuk to deliver a letter to one of our prospective missionaries and ran into a large group playing basketball.  The three young men here are members and attend our institute classes in Sapuk.  The one in the middle asked if we wanted some lobster, so when he said that it was $8 for two, we bought these guys in the top photo and boiled them up!  Along with a baked potato from Sami's (a store in Nantaku) we had quite the feast, but we worked for it!!
 Here are a couple of our stores in the Downtown "Mall" area.  The Kinesou Store (Thank you store), Shigeto's. the Cash and Carry, and another local stand.  Shigeto's is like a regular grocery, while the the small stands are for fresh items, breadfruit, bananas, cucumbers, and everywhere sells rolls.  The Cash and Carry is like a "Pick and Save", but not with much stuff. 
The Island Mart has some good deals and likes to sell things by the case, like ramen, canned meats, etc. Sami's is like a Wal-Mart  in that it has groceries and some clothes and fabric and school supplies, a touch of most things, but not everything you would like. The little orange place is where we buy most of our bananas, but we get them at others as well.
 You notice in the picture on the right that we have an ACE Hardware.  It also has a section that sells appliances, paper products, machette's, and sports equipment.  AWM is a store like Shigeto's and even has car parts!
This is our main Fabric Store, our local bank, the store right below our apartment.  We live on the second floor.  It is a decent place and it has a Laundromat on the first floor. If you look close, you can see the "coolers", this is how we get our fish.  You look in the cooler and choose the ones you want!  So, there you have it, shopping on Chuuk!!  We have about decided that fish aren't worth the trouble, unless we can find some tuna.  Too many bones in a large carcass and large eye sockets, etc!  Not much to eat, if you buy small fish!


  1. Wow! I'll be sure the boys see this one. :-) Your shopping options are interesting to say the least!

  2. gross. those lobsters looked freaky. though you can't really beat that price.