Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Seminary In-Service and District Training

Yesterday we held our initial Seminary and Institute In-Service.  We had 15 of our teachers, along with the Branch Presidents come to the meeting and get the information and materials to start the study of the Book of Mormon.  This year we will have classes of each in 8 different branches, along with the addition of having seminary at Chuuk High School and Institute at COM (College of Micronesia).  We have a number of new teachers this year and each is excited to begin working with the youth of the church.  Though we target those 18-30 for institute class, we have opened it up to all individuals 18-99 to attend.  Classes will begin on September 2, 2013.  We held our meeting in conjunction with a visit from President and Sister Mecham, along with President Davis, who were come to do a leadership session.
The old adage; "If you feed them, they will come", held true this time.  President Mecham was pleased with the turn out.  Sister Crisp and I promised to feed the entire group right after our in-service, so we did.  We had rice, teriyake chicken, fruit salad, rolls, and cookies.  We fed 75 people with quite a few coming back for seconds.  It was a great turn out.  President Davis met with everyone and went over some things out of the handbook for leaders.  Particularly he covered the care and use of the buildings.  There were many questions about building usage, but it was all covered and now there is a better  understanding of what can and can't be done in our buildings.   We even discussed its use in case of a major typhoon.  Following this meeting, President Mecham met with the Branch Presidents and went over some Priesthood items.  Overall, it was a great day.  However, I will comment that preparing food for 75 is quite an undertaking, but we were successful, tired, but successful.

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