Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our Seminary Bags Project

 One of our most reliable teachers, Oriko Ewar , wanted to do a project for Mwan students.  She asked if I would help with it on Saturday morning.  It was to make a bag for the students for their B of M, a journal notebook, red and black pencils, and of course, we have the folders with their reading charts for daily scripture reading, scripture mastery check-off,  and the entire Book of Mormon for the years' reading.   I thought it would be a good thing for all our students, so I bought  45 yards of fabric, plus some white lining, nylon cording and thread.  I did preparatory work, so 42 bags would get done with their help pressing down the top edge, Oriko and I sewing top hems, them threading the cording, etc.  We got that many finished up. She had invited the entire Young Women's group and promised them a bag to take home. I'm thinking it might get used for other things... and we said, they who go to Seminary will get one when Seminary starts up in September...
 That is a lot of people for the small amount of stuff left to do on these bags, but they worked as hard as possible. During this activity, all stopped while Oriko stopped to have a song, prayer, lesson on something (in Chuukese), another song and prayer.  They love to eat, so afterwards they were eating some traditional foods.  They expected to take all day, but there wasn't much that they could do for the project, so it was mostly done ahead.  I have about 70 more bags to make at home in the next month, without their help!   One of the girls thought she could do some sewing on the Church machine, and the machine didn't work after the first 30 seconds!

So, I hope the kids use this for their Seminary materials ONLY.  I made teacher bags larger to carry extra manuals, etc. that they use to teach from....  Sister Crisp

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