Saturday, August 10, 2013

Duty Calls

 With help from 3 daughters and sister Linda buying clothing at Goodwills and the like,, and shipping everything,  shopping on Ebay and our local and Guam thrift stores, we have been buying and making baptismal clothing and "new missionary" pants, shirts, ties, slips, dresses, etc.  Well, I hadn't had time to think about actually sewing up new baptismal dresses/muu muu's, until the call came Friday night from our zone leaders.  They were preparing for 7 baptisms in one day, all at the same building.  Several boats came in from the islands to participate together.  Four girls and 3 boys/men were all to be baptized.  I worried a lot about them not being prepared with the clothing needed, so I arose at 4 a.m. and got busy.  I made a medium sized dress and mended a number of shirts and pants to add to the collection at the Church.  The young lady wearing it didn't protest, but I neglected to put any trim on it, and all the Chuukese dresses have glitzy trim.  I bought some later in the day and will add later, so that next time, the lady will be proud to wear it, hopefully!
Now, waiting for me to continue sewing, is about 70 more "Seminary Totes" in student size, several more baptismal dresses and mending more pants and shirts.  I cut off long sleeves and re-hem them.  (It is never cold here!)  I might be able to find a couple of women who actually have a sewing machine, and know how to use it, to help me with more dresses. 
Elder Crisp and I have a good partnership.  He teaches English, Inservice Meetings, Seminary and Institute classes when needed, Temple Prep., etc (you get the idea), and I do the sewing, baking, cooking, visual aids, etc.  Pretty much like it was at home.  The people here are wonderful, and it is a joy to serve them.

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