Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chuukese Engineering

You have to admire and love the youngsters on Chuuk.  Our children in the USA,  love cars and get them in a variety of shapes and sizes, from Tonka Trucks to Hot Wheels, cars are fascinating.   Driving home form the chapel in Mwan one day we passed several little boys with sticks pulling some interesting looking vehicles.  So, we checked it out.  I don't know if you can see these very well, but the cars they are pulling are made from cut up oil containers (like Pennzoil), old plastic pint bottles, and even canned meat cans.  They cut holes for the axles and use sticks,  The wheels are made from limes.  We grow a unique lime here and it is small and round.  Even when they dry out they make good wheels (if placed on the car while fresh).  Then they attach the car with fishing line to sticks and pull it along.  These young men were very proud of their cars.

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