Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zone Conference Companionships

Here are the companionships of Elders as they were at our Zone Conference on July 11, 2013:  Starting at the top: Elders
Johnson and Sofele Zone Leaders on Weno, Vanisi and Lavitas on Pata,  Walters and Mackie in Nantaku on Weno.
Plocher and Daniels on Uman, Pita and Selander on Tonoas,  Vehikite and Obray on Romanom.
The Senior Couple, the Crisps on Weno,  Schroath and Rainey on Udot (currently in Mechitiw on Weno), McEwan and Fermanis in Mechitiw on Weno.
Hunter and Huppe in Wichap on Weno, Bowers and Toa in Sapuk on Weno, Peck and Kleven in Neauo on Weno


  1. Thanks for posting pictures!

  2. We love to see the missionaries. Thanks for the updates.