Friday, July 19, 2013

Senior Couples Conference July 2013 GUAM!!

Twice each year the Senior Missionaries from throughout the Mission have a conference on Guam.  This is the group that was present in July 2013.  Several of these couples will be gone the next time the seniors gather so this is a great picture for us, as we can remember those we got to know for a short time and those that will be with us for some time to come.

We met at the Barrigada Chapel in the cultural hall.  Seated around several tables, with the podium in the front we participated in trainings for the upcoming Seminary and Institute year, as well as getting some inspirational thoughts and messages from President and Sister Mecham.  This is really a great group of missionaries and combined with the Elders and Sisters on the islands, the mission is outstanding.
Just about everyone in the group gave part of the instruction on teaching topics and spiritual messages, and how to combine them for our students.  Here Elder Crisp is giving a presentation on keeping students active in their learning and how to ensure good classroom discussions with lots of participation (yes, even on the islands where the students can be rather shy).  The presentations were very good and will help in making our classes more effective and enriching for our youth.
These next two pictures show that we can have some fun as well.  This activity is a "Win it in a Minute" exercise.  The objective is to move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands.  It was quite fun and some got it quickly, while others struggled a little bit.  It was a nice break and lots of fun.  This one can be used in Seminary and Institute and besides, who doesn't like a cookie every now and then, even if you have to work for it a bit.
 This is the old "cookie in the eye" working its way to the mouth technique!!
"Oh ye heavily laden..."  When you get to go to Guam from the islands there are things you need to get to help you through the next 6 months, so you stock up!  We picked up some tings we would need along with some missionary clothing for some of islanders who will be leaving soon for their missions and for others that are not far behind. So the bags are at the weight limit and the carry-ons are even heavier, but we made it back unscathed!!
Since the bags were stuffed to the brim and there were a few things left to pack, Sister Crisp pulled an old Chuukese method of getting everything home by wearing two sets of clothes.  It still turned out OK, as she looks just fine even with the extra layer.   We enjoyed our visit to Guam, but were anxious to return to Chuuk so we could get started on preparing everything for the new Seminary and Institute year.  There is lots to do, but we are getting right on it!

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