Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our 3 newest "Prospective Elders"

Now that we are the only Senior Couple for Chuuk, we will be helping all the new candidates for missionary service from our areas/islands .  These young men:  Maxon Waines, Swendson Sowas and Madson Waines, are on their way back to the hospital for their Physicals (Friday a.m.).  Wednesday was blood work, x-rays, and a visit with the Korean dentist.  Thursday was some teeth removal at said dentist.  They have one way of treating teeth--removal.  (So grateful that Elder Crisp had his tooth act up just as we were getting to Guam last week, and was able to get a root canal!)  They have more similar visits to said "Dentist".  We were able to get certified birth certificates for each of them with only their names and birthdays and a little cash (slightly different than USA).  They are nice young men and will be greatly blessed if they fulfill missionary service.  Their lives will be changed forever, for the better.  The twins belong to District President Waines.  Next week, a young man from Wichap will be starting his medical proceedures.  This is rewarding work for the Crisp's.  To know how the lives of the youth will be forever changed by learning the gospel and learning to serve, is reward enough for us!

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