Monday, July 1, 2013

In from the Islands, shopping, and P-day

All of the Elders came in from the islands and different areas of Weno for first of the month shopping and P-day.  Here, Elders Hunter, Mackie, Plocher, and Johnson are working on email, relaxing from playing basketball after a rousing adventure shopping for the months groceries.  This is quite the experience as you make multiple stops.  Not unlike shopping in the USA, but the roads make it take a bit longer. First you go three miles to the ATM, await all Elders to get their funds for the month, then head to a number of stores on the way back to the chapel in Mwan.  There are always special things you get at specific stores and with 22 Elders, it can take a bit of time.  The companionship's get all stocked up and they are ready for another great month of sharing the Gospel.
Elders Fermanis, Vanisi, Lavites, Selander, and Toa as they write or wait for the computer to send emails home and to friends via  There are a limited number of computers, so this can take a while.  Those not emailing are out playing basketball or just relaxing a bit!  We had a goal of 12 baptisms set for us by the mission for June, but we had 12 on one Saturday.  These guys do an awesome job and also help some of the Chuukese boys prepare for missionary work as well.  As a result of our youth conference we had 11 young men ask for missionary packets!  The example of our missionaries is a great inspiration to these young men!