Friday, July 12, 2013

Chuukese Skirts and most important: Zone Conference with President Mecham and Sister Mecham

Ah, yes, the local economy produces a number of these lovely skirts.  Made locally on various islands they are now being sold worldwide.  Who knows, you might see them in a store near you very soon.  This is high fashion for everyday wear.  Sundays is MuuMuu day with sparklies and extra trim.  Quite nice for church on a warm day!!
This past week we had a Zone Conference.  We gathered in the Mwan cultural hall, all 22 Elders, we, the senior couple, and President and Sister Mecham. Here we are prepared for the opening session of the conference. 
Here President Mecham addresses the group about being the missionaries we should be, studying, preparing, and living the mission rules. He also taught us about Opening Our Mouths when it comes to sharing the gospel.  You just don't know when a conversation will lead to someone embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He also discussed 'PAUSE" and had a couple of companionships try it out on Elder and Sister Crisp.  It is very effective and the missionaries know all about it and how to use it.  Then the companionships broke into groups and did some more teaching of one another.  In the later session, after a Chuukese dinner and some interviews, he spoke of false doctrines and pointed out several scriptures in the New Testament that show that The Father and the Son are separate and distinct individuals with one purpose: the salvation of mankind.  Very uplifting and inspiring.
Sister Mecham also addressed the group!  She spoke of Naman, the head of the Syrian Kings Guard, and his lack of willingness to do as instructed by the Prophet in order to be cured of Leprosy.   He was willing to do a great task, but saw little in the bathing in the Jordan river 7 times.  Eventually his faith won out and he did as instructed.  When cured he wanted to pay the Prophet, but of course it was not accepted and pointed out that it was the Lord who cured him, through his obedience.  She also spoke of setting forth the example we should be as Missionaries and representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ.  A Mission is not a game, it is serious business, it is the Lords erand that we have undertaken!

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